Fusebox Performing Arts Festival Returns to Austin This April

It’s been gone for two years, but fear not — Austin’s favorite arts festival is back. Fusebox Festival returns to Austin this week April 13 – 17th, and once again, talented performers and artists head toward the capitol. Here is everything you need to know if you plan to attend the 2022 return of Fusebox Festival! 

Arguably the single-best thing about Fusebox Fest is the fact that it’s free. Attendees must reserve tickets for some shows in advance, but it nonetheless costs nothing to attend. What else can you expect of a festival that converges local, national, and international artists? It’s like the World Cup of performing arts festivals.

Fusebox itself is a non-profit arts organization, founded in 2005 to create a community for exchanging ideas across different art forms with an emphasis on the live experience. Their mission is simple: celebrate the boundless potential of live performance and the unique possibilities that emerge when we gather. They partner with organizations across the world — both small and large — year-round, putting together various programs and events.

Per their site, their programs aim to:

  • bring adventurous performances to thousands of people in Central Texas (and beyond) through our festivals and year-round programs.

  • provide support, resources, and professional development for artists.

  • address vital civic issues at the center of contemporary life and culture.

  • explore what live performance can be, can do, and look like.

  • expand access to live performance through our Free Range Art initiative.

For this year’s Fusebox Festival, you can expect three guest curators: Kenyon Adams, Michael Anthony García, and Future Front. There is also an entire schedule of fun events going on for you to enjoy, like a Saturday afternoon Art Cruise on the 16th.

Some other quick hitters to know:

When: April 13–17
Where: Various locations
How much: Free (reserve tickets in advance)
Projects: Get to know the 2022 Fusebox Festival projects
Artists: Get to know the 2022 Fusebox Festival artists
Full Schedule

The Fusebox Festival is worth the trip. It’s as simple as that. For as outrageous as the festival is it feels as, I’m underselling it. But believe me, a festival that’s nonstop fun from beginning to end needs few words to encapsulate its epicness. Those who have been there know, and share appropriately, the experience. So to achieve the experience for yourself and immerse yourself in the hype, scroll back up and reread the information. Then read it again. And then reserve your ticket. We’ll see you there!

Featured Image Credit: Fusebox Festival

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