10 Local Online Shops That Are Selling Fashionable Face Masks

Social distancing is our new normal, even if we don’t like it. That being said, we can still customize it to our liking. Instead of waiting on shipments of basic masks on Amazon, here are the best local online shops offering fashionable face masks.

MLB Face Masks

If you’re bummed out over the lack of a baseball season this summer, it’s a good idea to purchase a mask to match your favorite team and show your support. They are available on the CBS Sports website.


Social distance in style with these chic designs! SHEIN is an online retailer known for its cheap yet high-quality clothing. These cute face masks come individually or in convenient sets and cost as little as $1.


State Forty-Eight

After launching their “Distant, Yet Together” line of tees, they are now manufacturing masks to match. The best part? They ship statewide, in case you’re wanting to keep a more distant loved one safe.

Bunky Boutique

Obviously, supporting local businesses is important right now. Bunky Boutique in Phoenix is crafting handmade face masks with eccentric and cool designs to enhance your fashion. They are available for preorder on their site. You can even customize them to your liking.

Photo Credit: Little Homemade Shop Facebook

My Little Homemade Shop

This kind of kills two birds with one stone. Shopping on Etsy isn’t a new concept, but Gilbert resident Lindsey Neal is sewing masks and putting them on her Etsy shop as they are made.

Custom Ink

Custom Ink is known for personalizing T-shirts for events such as family reunions, company events, etc. Now, they are selling cute face masks that come in either family or business-sized packs. This functions as a cheap option, especially when trying to protect our service workers.

Mary Beth York

Mary Beth is a Scottsdale-native celebrity makeup artist who was working on her quarantine makeup kit “Survival of the Prettiest” when the recommendations for facial coverage made the news. Since then, these fashionable face masks have sold like hotcakes, and you should buy one to support her.

Ortho Mattress

Known for its Arizona-based mattress factory, the business now manufactures the Orthoguard Mask. Woven out of cotton and coated in a lavender scent, the material is comfortable and breathable especially in the Arizona heat.

Photo Credit Cesar Graphics Facebook

Cesar Graphics

Much like Custom Ink, except Cesar Graphics is a Phoenix-run business. For those who are reopening their small businesses and need extra protection, use Cesar to customize and order a set of functional masks today.

Ezra Arthur

While Ezra Arthur is accustomed to producing men’s accessories, such as belts and wallets, they are now creating fashionable face masks to be sold online with the help of local doctors.


Featured Image Credit: Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

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