Top 5 Cannabis Jobs Near You in Phoenix, AZ

With the passing of SSAA, we are expecting a surge in cannabis-related jobs in Phoenix. In mid-2021, medical dispensaries will be expanding as they’re the first ones allowed to sell to regular consumers.

Increased hiring needs are sure to bring new energy to the post-pandemic job market. Take a look at these top five cannabis jobs in Phoenix and plan your next career for a headstart. Keep in mind, most of these jobs will require you to obtain a Dispensary Agent Card.

Compliance Manager

Average Pay: $50k – $90k

Now Hiring: Curaleaf, Connected Cannabis Co.

Compliance managers play a critical role in any cannabis company as they are the gate-watcher for legality and conformity. Thus this is a high-pay position with impressive growth potential and usually comes with full benefits. With Prop 207 passing, we could expect more compliance positions on-the-rise as private dispensaries move through the licensing process.

Cultivation Technician

Average Pay:  $25k – $60k

Now Hiring: Harvest, Curaleaf, MedMen

Rising demands lead to increasing supplies. Naturally, it also leads to more lab, manufacturing, and cultivation-related jobs in the cannabis industry. Many dispensaries are currently hiring cultivation technicians. You may also see this position under similar titles such as manufacturing technician, lab associate, or other functions related to production and manufacturing.

Order Fulfillment Specialist

Average Pay: $11 – $21 per hour

Now Hiring: Tryke, CuraLeaf, iAnthus, C&DJ

The order fulfillment specialist position requires extensive knowledge of different marijuana strains and edibles. Individuals that fulfill this job in the recreational Marijuana industry will work both on the dispensary side with a focus on retailing and customer service, and on the warehouse side for finding the right products and fulfilling the order. It may also be listed as “Dispensary Associate.”

Advisor and Consultant

Average Pay: $15 – $17 per hour

Now Hiring: BEST Dispensary, Sunnyside

Not everyone is a marijuana expert. New consumers may need guidance and recommendations to have a good experience with cannabis products. As a result, we are expecting to see more advisory and consultancy positions rise up in the next few months.


Average Pay: $13-15 per hour

Now Hiring: Harvest, High Grade

While trimming is a basic job in the cannabis industry, it plays an important role in the manufacturing and production process. Smaller, newer dispensaries will pay hefty attention to trimming quality because that helps them increase their profit margin. The idea is simple: the better the trimmer, the less waste is created, and the more efficient the dispensary can make use of its harvest.

Featured Image Credit: Pixabay