The Best Nature Shots on Instagram of Arizona Landscapes

The nature in the state of Arizona is gorgeous to look at, whether in person or through the lens. We’ve found some of the best Instagram shots that capture beautiful scenery in this rugged state; you’ve got plenty to look at, wherever you are!


Natalie Soliday has some of the coolest travel photos, and this cactus nature shot in Arizona is no exception!

Believe it or not, the cacti are just really photogenic in The Copper State (that’s Arizona to the uninitiated)!


Okay, so Arizona has another state nickname… it’s known as the Grand Canyon State, and this account showcases best scenery Arizona has to offer!


Gold Canyon”, they call it… well, just look at that sunset! With a name like that, it just makes sense.


Welcome to Monument Valley — scenic as can be, and made to be looked at.


Arizona is not only known for its beauty nature, but also for the beauty of its older structures, like St. Mary’s in downtown Phoenix!


Yes, we’ve got a shot of the Grand Canyon, just for you. Just know there’s so much more to look at all over!


You liked the Grand Canyon so much, you wanted to see it again? Well, we should probably make it happen then!


Can you guess why these are called the White Pockets? It’s not because they’re found in White Pocket, Arizona!


Here’s a nature shot of a butte in scenic Sedona, Arizona. Sorry, it was too good to pass up.


There’s a reason we’re called the Grand Canyon State.

Trails might be closed during quarantine, but the views… well, you can keep those.

Wherever you’re headed, these mountain passes always impress and intimidate.

Texas may think they got us beat, but Flagstaff skies speak for themselves.

It’s the start of a scenic mountain drive. What could be better?

Cameras are a must on mountain hikes in Flagstaff.

This nature photo displays a unique and beautiful combination of roads and nature in Arizona. 

This time, you’ve got Antelope Canyon — very photogenic indeed.


Again, Flagstaff is a prime destination for the views.


Here’s another place where mountains meet the desert beautifully.

Just outside Tucson, the Santa Catalina Mountains call for your attention.


They’re as pretty as they sound.


Another trail to miss out on for the time being — but have a look!


Arizona after dark is just as beautiful.


There’s a double meaning here. It’s not all just natural, but beauty in Arizona is everywhere.


Last shot to show off some more of the state’s rugged beauty.


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