Phoenix Japanese Friendship Garden Goes Live With Soothing Videos Almost Daily

The Japanese Friendship Garden’s goal is to encourage locals to experience the authentic Japanese culture while allowing you to escape the pressures and stressors of everyday life. Living a life full of tranquility is especially important during these trying times.

Sitting on 3.5 acres, The Japanese Friendship Garden is complete with a tea house, a tea garden, more than 1,500 tons of rock, stone footbridges, and lanterns, and more than 50 varieties of plants. As you wander, you will also find a 12-foot waterfall, moving streams, and a koi pond, full with over 300 koi fish.

While you may not be able to experience The Japanese Friendship Garden in person today, you can enjoy the gardens online thanks to their Instagram and Facebook pages. These are just a few of the videos they’ve posted after going Live on Facebook!

There’s nothing quite like the sound of rushing water in a stream. This Facebook Live focuses on the streams on the property along with the colorful koi fish who call the pond their home. Grab a cup of coffee and get this video playing first thing in the morning to help you start your day off right.

For plant lovers who are interested in authentic Japanese foliage as well as the tea house, this afternoon video highlights the many plant species around the tea house within the gardens. It’s the perfect way to ground yourself after a long day of work from home.

Another great video to watch in the early evenings is this tour of the entire gardens. The sun is setting behind the huge trees and the video follows the trail as if you were there yourself.

While you may not be able to throw the bread to the ducks in person, you can pretend you’re doing so while watching this video of the ducks living their lives in the calming ponds of the garden.

Though Earth Day may have past already, you can still appreciate mother Earth while watching this video. From the quiet sounds of water running to the quiet chirps of the birds, this video is exactly what you need if you’re looking to recenter yourself.


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