Search for This Antique Ring’s Owner Has Gone Viral

We’ve heard plenty of distressful stories related to this pandemic, and have made enough memes trying to lighten up the situation, from giving your grocery a bath to social-distancing for dummy images. But this is a different kind of pandemic story, and it’s a kind that will make you go “Aww!” No one knows who the owner of this antique ring might be, but the search has now gone viral.

Photo Credit: April Hoyt Branger Facebook

An Unexpected Discovery

It all started with the quest of refurbishing her daughter’s bedroom.

When April Branger picked up an antique nightstand from Facebook Marketplace, she had no idea what she was getting into.

Due to caution for COVID-19, after she brought home the antique furniture, she appointed her husband, Michael, to the great task of sanitizing the piece before taking it indoors.

That was when Michael discovered something on the bottom of the nightstand: what seemed to be a piece of tape turned out to be the secretive hideout of an antique wedding band, with “E.L. to L.L. 10-16-32” carved on the inside and a mine-cut diamond on top.

The Search Begins

While Michael did not think much of it and casually placed it on top of the nightstand after moving it to their daughter’s room, April found much more sentimental value in this item.

She imagined how it would feel to lose her grandmother’s antique wedding ring, and that sense of loss was unbearable. She knew if she were related to the original owner, she’d want this ring back so bad.

And so the search began.

Photo Credit: April Hoyt Branger Facebook

A Phenomenon

April didn’t expect the amount of attention and responses she got from Facebook when she first posted about her discovery of the ring, along with some background information of the nightstand.

As of today, her post has been shared over 250,000 times and has reached nearly every corner of the country. So far, she hasn’t found the rightful owner of the ring yet. So if you think you may have any solid clue related to the origin of this antique wedding ring, reach out under her original post!