Single, Ready to Mingle, but Stuck Inside? Try Virtual Speed Dating in Phoenix

Although cuffing season is behind us, that doesn’t mean the desire for companionship goes away. With a pandemic on our hands, it never hurts to have a little extra company — even if that company is virtual. Online speed dating is coming to Phoenix for the whole month of May.

Let’s go back to pre-Tinder and Bumble era for a second; actually, let’s just scrap online dating as a whole. What came right before that was something a little more fun: speed dating. If you haven’t gone to a session, you’ve certainly seen it in the movies. You talk to the person in front of you for a few minutes, the timer dings and you move on to the next. When this is over you write down who you liked, and if they liked you too you get their contact info and BOOM, match made in heaven. Sounds fun, right?

Given the current situation, it’s pretty hard to go speed dating right now. Luckily, SpeedPhoenix Dating has always offered the option to go virtual speed dating just in case you’re a better flirt from the comfort of your own home (or in this case, stuck in the house).

virtual speed dating

All you have to do to partake in these events is head to SpeedPhoenix Dating online and purchase a $22 admission ticket for the date and age group that fits you the best; ages range from anywhere between 24 and 39. After purchasing said ticket, you will receive a link with your confirmation email that will take you to the site. Be sure that your camera and microphone are working before the session begins! (That would be awkward.)

Upon check-in, you will meet the event host who will give you directions and remain present for the duration of the event to collect the names of any people of interest you decided to write down. But don’t worry! The host won’t be there to observe your date! The site puts you in private rooms to get to know each other once you get settled.

Now, just because you’re at home doesn’t mean you can act like it’s any other day. Go all out, dress up, pour yourself a drink, put on some music, etc. Be your best self, because that’s who you would want your virtual date to see you as on a real date (you can be casual a few dates in, don’t worry). Plus, you can relax; being in your home takes the edge off the first-date-jitters.

The next virtual event by SpeedPhoenix Dating is held on May 6, and they have six other dates lined up throughout the month of May. Good luck! Not that you’ll need it, you stud.



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