Best Breakup Bars in Phoenix

Valentine’s Day is upon us and so is the tidal wave of breakups. Inconvenient? Maybe, but perhaps finding yourself single at this time opens the door to nurse old friendships and meet new people. After the grieving process runs its course, it’s time to celebrate a new season of life. It may take a few attempts to adapt to doing things solo but Phoenix living can’t be more forgiving.

Everyone has a list of things they want to do after a relationship ends and nine times out of ten there’s a desire for exploration. Use these 5 Phoenix Breakup Bars as a way to get cut them loose and get started on a new adventure. 

Best Breakup Bars in Phoenix
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LUX Central | 4400 N Central Ave

Wake up and smell the coffee. It’s time to dump that A-hole. LUX Central serves up espresso beverages, libations, and comfort food, so you can feel right at home while breaking the bad news. The bar opens at 9 AM but who is to judge when you need a drink? The guests here are incredibly friendly which explains why locals say it’s a great place to get right back on that horse. 

Best Breakup Bars in Phoenix
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breakup bars
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Sazerac | 821 N 2nd St

The cocktails are on fire. Literally speaking. Quite unlike your dying relationship. Since the design of the bar is so intimate, it’ll be easy to say your goodbyes in peace. Sazerac is the place to have one final nightcap, like one of their whiskey cocktails, and a Sweet Jane Deadwood cigar to send you both home… alone this time. 

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Melinda’s Alley | 50 E Adams St

The peculiar red glow of Melinda’s Alley leads to a basement speakeasy adorned with eccentric art and a hodgepodge of vintage decorations, perfect for distracting your date while you’re letting them down easy. The scene is pretty low key, so there won’t be many others around to witness the breakup aftermath. 

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MercBar | 2525 E Camelback

O-be-joyful! Nothing says living my best life like an evening at MercBar. They have more of a weekend crowd but weekdays are a whimsical experience in their own right. Plus, doing the dirty work here is likely to come across a little nicer, helping you can part ways in peace. 

breakup bars
Photo Credit: The Womack

The Womack | 5749 N 7th St

The Womack is a retro 1960s cocktail lounge in uptown Phoenix that hosts an array of weekly entertainment. Check their calendar for musical performances and stand up comedy shows to cheer yourself up after a breakup. 


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