Best Independent Comic Book Stores in the Valley

There’s no better way to escape into other worlds than through reading — and that’s doubly true if you’re reading a comic book. From periodic manga installments in Shonen Jump to full-on graphic novels old and new alike, you can find something to keep your attention. All you have to do is find the right story and the right comic book. Luckily, that’s as easy as looking at the list below, where we’ve listed the best indie comic book stores around the Phoenix area!

Ash Avenue Comics & Books

806 S Ash Ave, Tempe, AZ 85281

Full of indie publications as well as your usual staples, Ash Avenue is a laid-back establishment in Tempe that encourages all kinds of readers. Whether you’re experiencing a brand-new graphic novel or seeking out the next installment of your favorite series, this friendly and judgment-free zone has been setting people on their next adventures for almost 20 years! 

Dreadnought Comics

2734 W Bell Rd #1346, Phoenix, AZ 85053

You might be coming here for the comic books and manga, the toys and collectibles, or even the airsoft guns. Whatever you travel to Dreadnought for, you’re sure to have a good time. Sporting a unique shelving system, this location boasts over 5,000 comic books. You can also come here to load up on your Magic: The Gathering arsenal. This is home base for everyone’s idea of leisure.

Olympus Games

1350 S Gilbert Rd suite C1, Mesa, AZ 85204

If you love anime or trading card games, this is the hot spot for you. From Pokémon and MTG singles for sale to regularly held tournaments, there’s plenty for you to do if you’re a TCG fan of any sort. Inside, there’s also an exclusive anime merch shop with figures, professional art and even featured art from locals. Better yet, this featured stuff from local artists is for sale, as well! Come here to support the artists that live in the area while looking for your new favorite comics or bolstering your tournament deck.

Drawn To Comics

5801 W Glendale Ave, Glendale, AZ 85301

This unpretentious joint lets you come as you are to find the stories you love. You can even posit your questions about your favorite superheroes with the staff — no one is too busy to be a part of these important conversations! Drawn To Comics makes it their business to craft the best possible comic book store experience in the state. Serving the comic community since 2005, this store even offers subscriptions that earn you discounts, monthly previews, and more!

Grassrootz Bookstore & Juice Bar

1145 E Washington St Suite #200, Phoenix, AZ 85034

Mentioned as Arizona’s only Black-owned bookstore, Grassrootz does much more than sell books. This local business showcases Arizona authors, funds community development, and provides tasty smoothies and juices from their own bar! If you’re looking for sources on Black history, seeking out another issue of your favorite comic book series, or just needing a refreshment, this is a perfect place to stop by in downtown Phoenix!

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