DIY Chinese Desserts to Celebrate the Year of Ox

Where can you find the coolest Chinese cultural events? At Happy Buns! Last year we featured the virtual Bao and Dumpling Festival, where Dim Sum lovers had a blast. This year, Happy Buns decided to take the cultural celebration to a whole new level — you can make your own Chinese dessert with their DIY kit on Chinese New Year!

DIY Chinese Desserts with Happy Buns

Happy Buns knows the right way to keep the festivity without risking anyone’s health. Instead of celebrating the Chinese New Year in person, Happy Buns has a virtual workshop where participants can assemble DIY Chinese desserts this year.

The workshop is on the day of Chinese New Year — Saturday, Feb. 13. The event runs from 1:30 PM to 2:30 PM where participants will make three different Chinese desserts. All you need to do is RSVP for the event and order your DIY Chinese dessert kit. These kits are newbie-friendly and you only need to add butter, oil, eggs, and milk.

What’s in the Chinese Dessert Kit

The DIY Chinese dessert recipe kit includes three desserts: walnut cookies, almond cookies, and sesame balls. You will make 24 large cookies of each type, and 36 sesame balls altogether with three flavors: sweet red bean, creamy black sesame, and fragrant pumpkin. DIY Chinese desserts may sound intimidating at first, but with the guidance of professional bakers from Happy Buns, you would impress yourself with your baking potential.

Other Fun Offerings from Happy Buns

Happy Buns dedicates itself to promoting authentic Asian lifestyle, food, and experiences. One of their best-sellers is the DIY boba kit. We all know how popular boba tea is now, but what if you can make a giant, teddy-bear-shaped boba? The kit even comes with a glass bear cup!

Besides the boba kit, Happy Buns constantly have workshops for making Chinese cookies, snacks, and even mooncakes. So make sure you follow them on Facebook, Instagram, or subscribe to their mailing list for future events and updates.

Chinese New Year Celebration in Phoenix

Traditionally, the Chinese New Year is the time when people gather with family members. Often, Chinese people will invite remote relatives whom they may not see regularly to the grand Chinese New Year’s feast. This year, we clearly don’t have the luxury of large family gatherings. However, Zooming with families while enjoying your DIY Chinese dessert and takeout from one of the best Chinese restaurants in Phoenix doesn’t sound too bad, does it?


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