5 Best Yoga Studios to Attend Near Phoenix, AZ

Summertime can be challenging to stay on track with our wellness goals. Thankfully, there are plenty of yoga studios near Phoenix. We’ve gathered five top-rated local yoga studios providing traditional yoga, hot Pilates, yoga teacher training, and even aerial yoga. These studios offer activities and classes for individuals of different skill levels, so we know you will find a new yoga home on this list.

Elevate Yoga & Wellness

1001 N 3rd Ave Suite 2, Phoenix, AZ 85003

Elevate Yoga is not only one of our favorite yoga spots, but also one of the most unique yoga studios in Phoenix. You guessed it right from their name — Elevate is an aerial studio!

Discover the beauty and tranquility within yourself with one of the aerial movement classes at this yoga studio. Or, simply dangle off the floor in their special ribbons and meditate on your life. We promise you this will be a fun and refreshing experience, unlike any others.

Urban Yoga

1 E Lexington Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85012

Urban Yoga is an oasis in the heart of a metropolitan. If you’re ready to step away from the busy city life for a little bit, come here. The moment you step inside this studio, you’ll be transported to a meditative space full of incense, eastern decorations, and warm vibes. They have dedicated instructors who care about your wellbeing and a wide variety of classes. You can also purchase meditation tools and spiritual artwork here.

Metta Yoga

4041 E Thomas Rd #106, Phoenix, AZ 85018

Metta Yoga is the proud winner of Best of Phoenix Yoga Studios. They’ve also been featured in Vogue, Fox 10, and other mainstream media.

If that’s not enough to get you going, then hear this out — they do yoga in a pool. Yes, a pool. The aqua yoga program at this yoga studio is well-known locally and nationally. Their instructors can work with all levels of yoga lovers, from beginners to super veterans. After a sweating session, you can even head over for a massage.


3950 E Indian School Rd #110, Phoenix, AZ 85018

Did you know that most Asian cultures believe you can sweat toxins out of your body and restore your energy balance? Playing off this concept, Radi8 is one of the best hot yoga studios in Phoenix.

Their most popular Radi8HOT classes are 65-minute sessions combining traditional hot yoga postures with a dynamic power flow. Sessions are held in a room with perfect heat and humidity so you can healthily sweat out the bad things in your mind and body.

Floo-id YOGA

7077 E Mayo Blvd Suite 130, Phoenix, AZ 85054

You know what they say — save the best for last. Floo-id Yoga provides everything you want for a yoga studio, from outdoor classes to video classes on-demand. They provide hot yoga, hot Pilates, and regular yoga classes.

If you want something more challenging, try the intensive Hot Fusion sessions at this yoga studio in Phoenix. You can even plan a wellness getaway with their retreat programs. There is not much to say — try them out and you’ll see why we saved them to the last.

Featured image credit: Metta Yoga