4 of the Best Used Bike Shops in Phoenix

Here in Phoenix, people love to have a way to get around that lets you enjoy the natural beauty. Especially while it’s not incredibly hot, one of the much-loved transportation methods in Phoenix is the bicycle. However, you may not already have a bike or need one repaired. Maybe you just want to rent one, instead. Whatever the case, these awesome used bike shops offer a little of everything, from parts to rentals, to full-on used (or new) bicycles. Check out the best-used bike shops around Phoenix!

Brass Monkey Bike Shop

1720 E McDowell Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85006

Specializing in new or used beach cruisers as well as fixed-gear bikes (“fixies”) and vintage bicycles, this used bike shop is known for its outstanding service and attention to detail, and they offer repairs in addition to the bikes they sell for starters and pros alike.

Global Bikes & E-Bikes

3636 E Ray Rd #6, Phoenix, AZ 85044

Offering bike rentals and even taking trade-ins to let you try out an e-bike, there’s so much that Global Bikes can offer. You can rent, of course, or buy used, but if you buy a new bike, the staff at this bike shop in Phoenix will give you “Free Service for Life”, encompassing all the maintenance services that would come in their usual $69 tune-up — including lubrication, brake adjustments, and any other tweaks that come with regular use.

Grey Matter Family Bicycle Shop

5826 N 16th St, Phoenix, AZ 85016

This bicycle shop isn’t just known for their personable people and their readily available parts: they also are a steady nonprofit organization that sends their funds to Barrow Neurological Institute for brain tumor research and awareness. Whether you need a used bike, maintenance, a rental, or even a professional fitting to get the bike you need for your body, this is the place to go!

Rusty Spoke

1110 Grand Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85007

Yet another place that’s a little different about the way they handle bike purchases, the Rusty Spoke is a “community bicycle initiative” which supports bicycle use in Phoenix by teaching people how to maintain and fix bikes, letting volunteer mechanics earn their bikes, and even selling recycled bikes at “bargain basement” prices.

Featured Image Credit: Pixabay

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