Best Online Stores to Shop for Cyber Monday

It’s about that time. You waited with bated breath as the time of your online sales opportunities drew near — and now, it’s time to pounce! Have a look at what’s out there on the Internet, as we point out some of the best Cyber Monday deals worth getting your hands on!

Upgrading Gear at Best Buy

It’s not just a time for pigging out on ham or turkey; the holidays are a time for upgrading. So, whether it’s for you or a loved one, there’s something new to be had at Best Buy for Cyber Monday. They’re featuring deals on laptops (some saving you hundreds of dollars) as well as cell phones, smart TVs, or even the kitchen electronics you’ve been needing to complete your countertop experience. This is the place to shop whether you need a smartwatch, you are getting a gaming console for the family to share, or you’re just buying your better half some electric transportation — Segways included.

Playing Games at The Steam Autumn Sale

Are you a video game lover? Are you operating on shoestring budgets to get your fix? We can help solve your problem by directing you to the Steam Autumn Sale. If you game on PC or Mac, here’s your new favorite event of the year: every year, this sale (previously known as the Black Friday sale) is home to numerous titles like Deathloop, Bethesda and Arkane Studio’s newest FPS with supernatural elements and an RPG approach to storytelling (a formula that’s actually made Arkane quite famous). If you’re going to go full open-world with your RPG, there’s Cyberpunk 2077. These two titles run at only $30 USD (fifty percent off their usual price), and there are still numerous others including puzzle games, roguelike and stealth games, adventure games, strategy games, and even the regular ol’ shoot-em-ups — the DOOM franchise has titles up to 76% off, so “rip and tear” like you really mean it. Whatever your flavor, you’ll find a game that suits you at the Steam Autumn Sale.

Introducing The MIRROR, plusWorkout Gear from Lululemon

It’s almost time for that famous reset at New Year’s, when you promise yourself you’ll do better. But don’t you need the tools to keep that promise? Cue MIRROR, the home-based digital trainer, monitor, and workout studio brought to you by Lululemon. This mirror showcases workouts on the mirror as a screen so that you and your instructor are always in sync. Right now, this intuitive, interactive gym and personal trainer is only $995 by using code BFCM21 until the end of Cyber Monday. And, if you’re going to go whole hog with your fitness, there’s one more thing you might need: workout gear. Luckily, Lululemon is slashing their prices on workout gear for men and women alike, as well as accessories like backpacks and fanny packs to keep your deodorant and hand sanitizer handy. After all, working out can be sweaty business.

Find Various Goods on Amazon

You didn’t think we’d talk about Cyber Monday without pointing you to the biggest online retailer in the world, did you? Amazon is more than massage guns, coffee pots, and leather jackets: it’s wardrobe, electronics, furniture, and even a few hilarious card games. This vast online store is full of Amazon-supplied goods as well as those from third-party stores all over the world. So, when you think you may not be able to get the thing you want, just search again. Chances are, if you log on to look at the Cyber Monday deals on Amazon, you’ll find yourself with one or more great items you didn’t know you needed. Oh, and don’t be shy about perusing Amazon’s audiobook app, Audible, for deals on all the podcasts, books, and other audio content you could want.

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