5 Best Filipino Restaurants in Phoenix

Filipino cuisine isn’t hard to find in the Phoenix area. We all know that Phoenix is a foodie hub, and with that comes a great number of authentic Filipino eateries If you’re looking to get some sweet cured meats, tender pork belly, or any noodles that really speak to you, have a look at the best Filipino restaurants in Phoenix.

Flaming Pig

1534 W Camelback Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85015

Whether it’s the Bikolchon pork belly or barbecued beef, chicken, and shrimp on sticks, there are plenty of ways to get your protein at the Flaming Pig. As the name suggests, this eatery specializes in cooking pork, in various styles including stews, oven roasts, and sweet cured pork to name a few. The extensive menu features all too many choices for you to visit only once — in fact, you’ll need to come here many times to try everything, whether it’s some mouthwatering pork, fish, beef, or Chinese sausage!

Tambayan At Joann’s

720 W Highland Ave K03, Phoenix, AZ 85013

Do you need to satisfy your sweet tooth? Do you also need to find some savory options while you’re at it? Look no further than Tamabyan at Joann’s! Operating as a ghost kitchen, this spot makes it easy to pick up barbecued meats, pancit noodle dishes, and even desserts all in one place. If you prefer, you can also arrange for delivery from this popular Filipino kitchen, be it their Ube Graham Cake or a longsilog breakfast with sweet pork and garlic rice! For every kind of craving, every kind of meal, there’s an option waiting for you here.

Casa Filipina Bakeshop And Restaurant

3531 W Thunderbird Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85053

Yet another hot spot for sweets and savory eats alike, Casa Filipina has a lot to offer anyone craving some Filipino cuisine. From Chicken Adobo to Halo Halo and Langka Tarts, there’s something for every hungry person that comes this way. If you’re looking to eat inside, you can make a reservation on their website. You can also order with Grubhub to get the food delivered, whether you’re wanting menudo, kare kare, or something sweet to finish the night with.

Nanay’s Filipino Restaurant

2390 N Alma School Rd #103, Chandler, AZ 85224

Homestyle dishes made to satisfy Filipino food cravings can be found here in the Valley! Check out Chandler’s restaurant, Nanay’s, for eats that are prepared the way they’re made by Filipino families. This homestyle cooking encompasses a lot of different options on the menu, from spamsilog and pancit canton to party trays of pork asado or pineapple chicken! Grab yourself a glass of melon juice or a leche flan and kick back with whatever meal you grab from Nanay’s — it’s sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

Halo-Halo Kitchen

3553 W Dunlap Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85051

For a spot of karaoke and a traditional Filipino dessert, hit Halo-Halo Kitchen. Halo halo, that mixed cup full of sweet beans, coconut, jellies and more can come in a number of ways thanks to this joint’s dessert bar. However, the fun doesn’t stop there. You can come in to enjoy their changing daily menu with options like lechon kawali, coconut chicken, and grilled pampano.


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