6 Black Artists in Phoenix to Check Out

During this time, artists need your support more than ever. Check out these six black artists in Phoenix — their expertise goes from visual art to music, to culinary arts. Remember: you don’t have to buy art to show your support. Share this amazing work with your friends and family, that will make a huge difference too!

Alvin Galloway

A photographer with a history of over 25 years working in the business, Alvin Galloway, provides photography for events like the IMPRINT: African Americans in the Arts Exhibition held by West Valley Arts. He produces a podcast: The Alvin Galloway Show, focusing on everything from recent events to music to culture.

Carvin Jones

The King of Strings himself, Carvin Jones, is a musical artist from the area that has become a world-renowned blues icon. He was voted one of the greatest blues guitarists of all time by Guitarist magazine, but he remains a helpful Phoenician. This down-to-earth music man has made his name known for both his music and his service to the community.

Kathi Williams

Kathi Williams and her husband, Vernon, have functioned as the proud owners and operators of Phoenix’s Onyx Art Gallery as well as their sister business, Onyx Sweet Shoppe. Her work with baked goods is an art in and of itself, and she has been proudly and safely opening her gallery to partner up with West Valley Arts for the IMPRINT exhibition this month!

Phalen Booker

This Arizona-based oil painter has exercised his skills to bring insight to “realist” pieces in a way that evokes emotion and visceral responses from anyone who sees. His art is one of the other sets being featured in IMPRINT this month, and some of his most recent pieces are already up for sale.

Mega Ran

This musician is a hip-hop artist who started as a teacher moonlighting as a freestyle rapper and DJ in Philly; he has a penchant for expressing his inner nerd by exhibiting his love for education and gaming through his rhymes!

Gedion Nyanhongo

Gedion is a Zimbabwe-born stone sculptor from a family of artists. He honed his skill after years of learning from a mentor. He has brought an amazing art movement known as Shona sculpture from Zimbabwe to Phoenix, and the Phoenix Zoo has even commissioned his art. He, too, is being featured at the IMPRINT exhibit this month, where you can see his sculpting up close!

Black Artists in Phoenix Featured Image Credit: Kathi Williams Instagram

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