5 Types of Students You Will Find at ASU

Arizona State University (ASU) students, this is for you. We have compiled a list of different types of students you will find at this school.

The Class Loophole Finder

Professor: “Attendance is mandatory. We will have clicker questions in class for you to receive credit.” 

The handful of people in your class who found a way to skip and not get marked absent: “Yo, you got me this week for the clicker points?”


The Random Skaters/Bikers

These ASU students treat the whole campus like their own skatepark. Using other people as props to bob and weave through campus thinking they’re doing a run in the X games. There are also the people that have never skated before trying to pass pedestrians on the way to class and this doesn’t end well in most cases.


The “It’s Ok, I Used to Do Cheer Back in High School” Girl

When a hungover ASU student wakes up on a Sunday morning: “I have no idea where I get these bruises from…” 

*Sees video of herself attempting to do a cartwheel over a fireplace last night*


The Commuters

Me, showing up to class after walking 10 miles from Lot 59 in the 100+ degree weather:


If you’re in class and see another classmate show up 5 minutes late, drenched in sweat, they’re probably coming from Lot 59. To all my Lot 59ers: you should probably purchase a board or bike because there’s no need to suffer and trek across the Gobi Desert.

The Innovators

Are you a student that left your keys in the dorm 10 stories up when you’re already on your way to class? No problem. Your innovative friend can drop it out the window for you with a parachute.


Arizona State University (ASU) isn’t ranked #1 in the country in innovation for no reason. They have some of the most innovative students in the world. No matter what the situation or problem is, some of these students will come up with the most groundbreaking/state-of-the-art solutions that no other college student could think of. They honestly make MIT and Stanford students look unoriginal.