5 Memorable Things to Do at the Phoenix Zoo

The Phoenix Zoo is back! They’ve been doing a lot since they were last fully open, including awesome drive-through tours of the park. The zoo has a lot of activities and events to offer for guests. Here are some of the daily activities you can be a part of if you visit the Phoenix Zoo today!

Talk to a Conservation Scientist

The Phoenix Zoo, also known as the Arizona Center for Nature Conservation, shares its passion for wildlife with the community by rescuing animals all around the world. If you want to know more about the mission of the zoo, or are even simply looking to ask a few questions to the scientists who understand nature conservation, you can show up at the Phoenix Zoo any day 10:20 – 10:50 a.m. at the Arthur L. and Elaine V. Johnson Conservation Center. Go, and learn a little something about nature you never thought you’d learn.

Do the Wild Walk

The Phoenix Zoo has partnered with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona to support heart-healthy activity — and they’ve done it like only a zoo can do! With little information stations and signs leading you on your quest, you can follow a dedicated route at this zoo in Phoenix, AZ that’s meant to make you sweat in a good way. And, you’ll learn a little bit more about animals during your exercise routine, to boot! Just make sure you bring enough water to make it all the way — there are vultures here, you know.

Attend the Zoocademy Awards

There are few zoos that show off animal presentations using their own staff and animals, but the Phoenix Zoo does exactly that, with the local talent showing off their skills and drawing attention as some of the most impressive feathered, scaled, or furry critters in show business. You looking to celebrate nature? Celebrate with a big old showcase at the Zoocademy Awards — their very own live performance ground!

Visit Stingray Bay

With an interactive pool experience that features the most graceful ocean gliders, you can feel their unique skin and do so in a way that’s designed for social distancing — meaning you can have fun responsibly. Staggered ticket times not only make that possible but also give you more intimate time to get in touch with your inner stingray.

Additionally, you can feed the stingrays at this zoo in Phoenix, AZ fish and shrimp to reel them in closer to you. But here’s the best of all: children age two and under can view these awesome creatures for free!

Roll on a Rydable

You can walk around the zoo, sure, but what if you could get on a safe, electric cart that was dressed up like a stuffed animal? No one wants to walk then, huh? That’s what we thought, too! If you’re up for renting a cute ride at this zoo in Phoenix, AZ, beware — you may suddenly find yourself very popular with animals and envious children alike. Maybe you’ll even have to take turns, but whatever the case, at least you’re getting around in style!

Featured image: The Phoenix Zoo

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