4 Ways to Give Back and Make Donations to People in Need Near Phoenix

It’s not hard to imagine that in these past few weeks, the needs of families everywhere have gotten incredibly intense. That said, this time of year is one where giving is also very common — whether it’s for religious reasons or the fact that April is recognized by many companies as Global Service Month, it’s a time to pull together. People everywhere hone in on the needs of others, and the citizens of Phoenix are no different! Here are a few locations in the city that are accepting donations — either to help their own staff survive these trying times or on the behalf of others already in need!

Phoenix Rescue Mission | 3440 W Lewis Ave, Bldg A Ste G

The best thing about a place that’s dedicated to helping and serving Phoenicians year-round is that they have figured out the best ways to get the community involved. Phoenix Rescue Mission is but one of the many, and one of their current goals is providing Easter meals at $1.92 each for families in need!

The Gladly Restaurant | 2201 E Camelback Rd

This bistro and whiskey bar with over 200 whiskeys to offer has been effectively closed for the duration of the COVID-19 emergency situation, in consideration of the community at large. That said, they don’t want their employees to go unpaid, and in order to make ends meet, they’ve organized a GoFundMe campaign that aims to aid their staff during the planned quarantine.

Rustler’s Rooste | 8383 S 48th St

There’s not just one restaurant that was hit hard by the recent call for social distancing. Rustler’s Rooste, a brisket and steakhouse here in Phoenix that is also closed for the duration of the lockdown, is offering some of their most popular food items in exchange for small donations that go straight to the staff for pay while they wait to safely resume work.

WHEAT’s Clothes Silo | 4000 N 7th St #102

WHEAT is an organization that does a lot of good in the community, from stifling hunger in the city to accepting and redistributing clothing donations at WHEAT’s Clothes Silo, a boutique geared toward aiding women with “convenient and affordable access to clothing and accessories” in the modern world.


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