4 Best Vodka Distilleries to Visit for Happy Hour Near Phoenix, AZ

The world of Arizona spirits is really diverse, and it often celebrates old fashioned distilling as well as modern methods. This is all the more true with vodka, with traditional and new styles coming into play at vodka distilleries near Phoenix, AZ. It’s time to enjoy some for yourself — and the following four spots are great places to do just that.

Adventurous Stills

2125 E 5th St UNIT 102, Tempe, AZ 85281

Known for their locally distilled liquor of various types, Adventurous Stills is one local label that captures the Spirit of the Old West (pun intended). This vodka distillery in Arizona offers a two-grain vodka variation, known as Picket Post Vodka, so smooth and versatile that it has won the Denver International Spirits Competition. This wheat vodka also features a sweetness from corn as well, and with this ideal blend of grains, you won’t be surprised at its award-winning status.

Arizona Distilling Co.

601 W University Dr, Tempe, AZ 85281

In true Arizona form, this distillery has produced an award-winning vodka of its own, made from 100% corn this time — and being a Southwestern staple grain, it only makes sense to do so. Their delicious Mission Vodka is distilled in the traditional pot stills, and brought to a “clean, crisp” finish with some sweetness to boot. Arizona Distilling Co. also features a cocktail bar, so when you visit for National Vodka Day, be sure to find a good way to enjoy this one: straight up, or in a mouthwatering “Verde Valley”. Whatever you want to enjoy, this vodka will be able to deliver the old-fashioned way.

SanTan Spirits

495 E Warner Rd Suite 102, Chandler, AZ 85225

SanTan Spirits features two vodkas, with Saint Anne’s Traditional corn vodka being a clean staple for drink-making especially. Saint Anne’s Limeleaf, on the other hand, has impressed at competitions with its flavor notes being reminiscent of lime and herbal essences. This unique experience results from their specialized botanical process by which they infuse the essence of kaffir lime leaves from Vietnam to allow for that bright citrus and malt sweetness that come through in the first sip. If you’re not into straight vodka, the menu at this distillery near Phoenix, Arizona features SunSplash vodka sodas in a can, with flavors like cherry lime, waterman, and white peach — a perfect way to get your buzz on in a tasty, prepackaged fashion.

Blue Clover Distillery

7042 E Indian School Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85251

You may have heard how great their vodka is already, and you may have even heard the raves about their blood orange infused variety as well. There are, in fact, a number of flavored vodkas Blue Clover Distillery is now known for, and they’ve even brought their pepper flavored vodka to the local Chile Roast & Cocktail Competition, further demonstrating their versatility and ability to please the masses with creative combinations — all complimenting their bold, handcrafted small batch process. If you’re looking for a flavored experience or just a craft corn vodka that’s got a clean, fresh profile, we recommend traveling to this local vodka distillery.

Featured Image Credit: Blue Clover Distilleries

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