Your Mother’s Day Gift Guide Around Phoenix

Moms deserve the best. Whether she’s a reader, coffee-drinker, or she likes to be a little “different,” you should be able to find something for your mom this Mother’s Day. But where, oh where, to begin? Well, thankfully we’ve highlighted some of the best local places for you to snag a gift for your favorite matron. Don’t wait any longer!

Jasmine Jo Coffee & Rowan Tree Flowers

1334 E Chandler Blvd #15, Phoenix, AZ 85048

Why make it complicated? If Mom likes flowers, you should start your search at Rowan Tree, where the floral arrangements greet you with pleasant aromas right when you walk in. But, wait — do you smell something else? That’s right! Rowan Tree is the flower side, but this establishment is also home to Jasmine Jo, a coffee shop that serves delicious lattes and locally baked pastries. If you’re bringing your mother a bouquet and coffee, what more can she really ask for, right? If you want to wow her further, you could even get her a flower arrangement class in the very same space!

Curious Nature

5032 N Central Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85012

If you can describe your mom as a bit “off beat,” she might be a fan of a place like Curious Nature. Here, you can find awesome taxidermied animals, as well as decorations like skulls, ostrich eggs, all ethically sourced. This fine science and natural history emporium also boasts books, minerals and gemstones, and incense. Mothers often understand and respect nature better than anyone — so isn’t Curious Nature the perfect place to find a Mother’s Day gift? We think so!

MADE Art Boutique

922 N 5th St, Phoenix, AZ 85004

If locally made gifts sound like something your mom would love, look no further than MADE. MADE Art Boutique is a shop where artists specializing in handmade wares, ceramics, and jewelry all sell their goods. Even the greeting cards in this shop are designed by artists, and they’ll go perfect with your gift, whether you’re grabbing Mom a new drink mixer, some candles, a necklace, or some ridiculously cool stickers. There are even quite a few eye-catching T-shirts to choose from, many of which sport the beauty and mystery of the Sonoran desert. So, no matter where Mom lives, she can have a reminder of you every time she sees Phoenix landscapes on her shirt!

Changing Hands Bookstore

300 W Camelback Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85013

If you want to share your favorite novel with Mom this weekend, or you know the authors she’s most into, Changing Hands is a good place to be. Among a vast selection of books, you can also find pottery, soaps, plush animals, statuary, and stickers to make your mom smile on her special day. Whatever you pick up at Changing Hands is guaranteed to be cute, to smell great, or to be exactly what the bookworm ordered.

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