The Top Art Exhibits & Events to Attend at Art Detour 33 Near Phoenix, AZ

Featured Image Credit: INFLUX art project “Passageway” by Whistling Moon

Have you had a chance to check out this year’s Art Detour calendar? Do you need help choosing an art exhibit, event, or show to attend at Art Detour 33 near Phoenix? As we head into the final week of Art Detour 33 — the 33rd year in a row where we celebrate art and culture, we decided to put together a list of events, artists, and businesses you can check out even after this major art celebration is over!


About Art Detour 33

For any long-time Phoenix locals, the Art Detour is a collection of a variety of art exhibits that are available to residents in Arizona once a year. This year, due to the COVID-19 situation, Art Detour decided to extend its duration and expand its geographical reach, making the art shows near Phoenix more fun than ever! The Detour includes a juried exhibit, Governor’s Arts Awards, Creative City Symposium, the ART+FORM project at Park Central, On Central Fashion + Art, IN FLUX public art installations, and many other art exhibits hosted independently by artists and organizations.

Self-Scheduled Art Shows & Events Near Phoenix

While most events at Art Detour 33 near Phoenix are time-sensitive and scheduled by the artist or gallery, there are several self-scheduling events allowing you to hop on an art tour anytime you want. Feel free to check out the full event schedule, or try one of our hand-picked activities below.

The Capsule Collection

Happening 6 PM every day at {9} gallery, the Capsule Collection will take you down a vibrant, colorful pop art journey. The artists in this art show near Phoenix are determined to redefine pop art with their work. While you are there, you can also enjoy the wide variety of contemporary art at the gallery.

Self-Guided Bicycle Mural Tour

Not in Phoenix? Check out the bike mural tour in downtown Mesa! This tour is the most extensive mural guide you will ever need and takes you through 50 unique murals in town! While there, you can also check out the window exhibition presented by the Mesa Arts Center resident artists.

Scottsdale Art Walk

From 7 to 9 PM every Thursday, you can enjoy a free art walk in Scottsdale. Museums, art exhibits, and restaurants will be waiting for you along the way, and you can use the free trolly to carry your items or purchases.

Our Selected Art Detour 33 Artists

What is Art Detour without featured artists? Our editors hand-selected some of their favorite artists to share with you! For a full list of participating artists, visit Artlink Phoenix on Instagram.

Patricia Sannit

Have you been feeling isolated? Check out the “Many Hands” project from Patricia Sannit and you won’t feel alone again. This series shares the artist’s belief in “human touch, collaboration, cooperation, and a desire to solemnly, collectively, memorialize the losses of this past year.”

Abbey Messmer

Abbey’s approach to water and reflection is astounding. Her paintings at this art show near Phoenix recreate the distorted images and use them to reflect the absurd reality. Imagine the world seen by a fish in the water compared to us on the land. Do we really have a defined version of truth, or is it all perspectives?

Kristine Kollasch

Kirstine’s multi-faceted talent will blow you away. Her work ranges from mixed media to acrylics, to sculptures and public art. As an Arizona-based artist, she focuses her practice on the landscapes and objects around her. Collecting a piece created by Kristine is collecting a piece of the artist herself.

Special Art & Drink Deals

Art, cocktail, and fine-dining — tell us these terms don’t go together? When you get tired of walking around hunting murals and exhibitions, why not sit down for a cold one? Some businesses also have discounts for art services, so you can take your new purchase home ready-to-hang!

Blue Hound Kitchen & Cocktails

2 E Jefferson St, Phoenix, AZ 85004

If you are near Cityscape, why not stop by Blue Hound for a nice afternoon tea at the end of your art show near Phoenix? They’re offering a 15% discount with the code “ARTLAB Detour 33!” 

Luckys Indoor Outdoor

817 N 2nd St, Phoenix, AZ 85004

This is not a discount, but a chance for you to give back to the art community. Luckys debuted an Art Detour cocktail called the South of the Border Punch. For each cocktail sold, Luckys will donate $1 to ArtLink Phoenix.

422 Framing

3702 E Roeser Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85040

Bought a new painting but not sure how to do the framing yourself? 422 Framing is offering 21% off for all art purchased from the local art exhibits near Phoenix at Art Detour 33. Respect the art you’ve bought by giving it the best framing work it deserves.