COVID-19 News: You May Qualify For the Arizona Return To Work Bonuses

We’re glad that vaccination is going well and the pandemic is slowly ending. However, the economic burden dropped on our shoulders doesn’t go away overnight. While we anxiously await more information on new relief packages, the Arizona government is taking one step forward and is offering Return To Work Bonuses (RTWB) to those who qualify.

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Do You Qualify?

So, do you qualify for the back to work bonuses? As of July 10, 2021, the state of Arizona has stopped issuing the Federal Unemployment Benefit as a method to encourage people to go back to work. However, the state isn’t pulling the carpet right out of our feet. Instead, a new Return to Work Bonuses program came into effect — a one-time benefit up to $2,000 for those returning to work.

To qualify for the bonuses, you must be deemed eligible for the Arizona unemployment benefit during the pandemic. This also means you need to be an Arizona resident. Additionally, your current pay also needs to be $25 an hour or less to qualify.

The eligible return-to-work period is May 31, 2021, thru September 6, 2021.

How Much Will You Get?

If you’re now a full-time employee, you can apply for the full $2,000 after 320 hours of work or eight 40-hour weeks. If you’re a part-time worker, you can apply for a $1,000 bonus in the Return to Work Bonuses program after 160 hours of work or eight 20-hour weeks.

Additionally, you may qualify for the Return to Work Bonuses Child Care program that gives approved applicants three full months of child support, applicable to children 12 and under. And remember that you can always continue to apply for regular child assistance even if you don’t qualify for the special program.

Applying for the Return to Work Bonuses Program

If you believe you qualify for the Return to Work Bonuses program, use their online portal to apply today.

Before starting the process, make sure you have everything you need to verify your identity and employment. This could be:

  • Most recent paystubs from your employer

  • A letter of employment

  • An Arizona residential or business address

Alternatively, the office may also contact your employer directly, so make sure you notify your supervisor that you’re applying for the bonus.

Since the back to work bonuses program is first-come, first-serve, we recommend you apply as early as possible. Your bonus will be awarded once you stop receiving unemployment benefits and complete the required work hours. Currently, all payments are issued via direct deposit.

Will There Be a 4th Stimulus Check?

We know. We are all eager to hear about any new economic relief programs. While there have been words of a 4th stimulus check and a long-term support program, nothing has been confirmed yet.

There are a few reasons why we may not see the 4th check. First, lawmakers have indicated that another full-scale lockdown is extremely unlikely. Second, the vaccination coverage in the U.S. continues to grow. Both suggest that the economy and employment are on their way back to normal.

But this doesn’t mean we may not see anything coming further. We will continue to bring you updates as things unfold.

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