These Yelp Reviews of Phoenix Bars Are Absolutely Legendary

Wanna know the secret to having a good time? Plan ahead, research thoroughly, and listen to what other people have to say. Unfortunately, we can’t exactly go out right now, but we can still dream of a future when we can! These are some of the best Yelp reviews of Phoenix’s bars for your entertainment.

yelp reviews phoenix bars
Photo Credit: Bitter and Twisted

Bitter & Twisted

“Don’t be deceived by the inconspicuous look of the exterior of Bitter & Twisted, there is nothing forgettable about it. “

Hey, exterior designer, did you hear that?

Jokes aside, Bitter & Twisted is our no.1 recommendation for anybody looking for a pampered experience. Let us toss a few keywords out into the air: romantic, high-end, atmospheric, and sensational. With a variety of house-infused flavored liquors and a diverse selection of food, Bitter & Twisted will satisfy your craving for an unforgettable night out on all levels.

yelp reviews phoenix bars
Photo Credit: Beverly On Main

Beverly On Main

“I hate most of the bars in Old Town and The Beverly is one of the only ones I consistently like. Great cocktails, very limited douchebaggery for Scottsdale, a nice open space, and good food.”

For us, nothing says more about a place than when someone who doesn’t enjoy visiting the other establishments in the same area pays it a high tribute.

With Happy Hours lasting all the way ’til 8pm (yes, you read that right!), Beverly On Main is a hidden gem in Scottsdale. Its alluring interior, high-quality cocktails, and entire staff ready to make your experience as fun and delightful as possible is not to be missed.

best bars happy hour
Photo Credit: Little Rituals

Little Rituals

“We were supposed to just grab ONE drink and head out to our dinner reservations but we stuck around for 3 drinks just because everything looked so good!”

This lady ordered a drink and it came made with a classic painting on the surface. No wonder she stayed 3x longer than her original anticipation — we would too!

Located on the 4th floor of the Marriott’s Residence Inn, Little Rituals surely stands up to the expectations of a luxurious cocktail lounge and provides both boozy and non-boozy beverages with the most unique flavors and bedazzling presentations.

Best Bars to Visit in Phoenix
Photo Credit: UnderTow


“We were attacked at one point from both sides of the river by a native tribe. We took a few spears in the hull, but fired back and the ship survived, continuing up river with us safely below deck and deep into our rum rations.”

We didn’t make a mistake. Above is a review for the bar, although it’s no coincidence that it read like a snippet from a best-selling adventure book. UnderTow is a champion in the Tiki bar world. Their menus are called “chapters” and change as the story unfolds. Nothing else needs to be said — this is the place for adventure, exotica, and heavenly cocktails you’ve never tasted before.

best bars phoenix
Photo Credit: Cobra Arcade Bar

Cobra Arcade Bar

“Playing Super Mario, Ninja Turtles, Pac Man and Street Fighter while drinking a Four Peaks Kilt Lifter was literally perfection.”

Some nights, we are more out for pure fun than the drinks. But don’t get us wrong — Cobra has a full-size bar offering everything you can imagine from classic favorite cocktails to an eye-widening selection of canned beer and hard ciders, including unusual flavors such as passionfruit.

And here’s a secret just for you: your drink comes with free arcade tokens every Tuesday — did somebody just say “temptation?”


Once all of this is over, we’ll be heading to these bars for the most legendary nights of our lives. Try to top those reviews in the comments below!

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