Phoenix Forge Marketplace to Offer Immersive Events & Classes to Guests

Phoenix has always been a creative hub for visual artists, makers, and entrepreneurs. From the various farmer’s markets to small pop-up shops here and there, art and creativity mark every corner of the Phoenix valley. If you are looking for things to do in Phoenix with friends, a new community marketplace called Phoenix Forge has just opened!

About Phoenix Forge

535 W. Van Buren St. Phoenix, Arizona 85003

The hottest community marketplace is finally open for the public! Right now, Phoenix Forge is by reservation and appointments only, but they do have full programming available to all members.

The Phoenix Forge is powered by GateWay Community College. Formerly an abandoned warehouse, this marketplace has since been transformed into a 22,500-square-feet modern collective where makers can thrive with creativity. Unlike other marketplaces, the Forge also serves as shared studios and provides members with access to a variety of equipment, including high-end prototyping technologies like 3D printing.

Featured Classes

So, let’s check out some of the featured courses the marketplace is providing. Keep in mind most classes will ask you to complete the basic shop safety training and orientation first. That is for the safety of yourself and your classmates. If you’re searching for things to do near Phoenix, the classes at the Forge marketplace will repeat throughout each month, which gives you a lot more flexibility when it comes to scheduling.

Jewelry Making

Jewelry making is so popular right now, because who doesn’t want to make their own accessories? If you’ve wanted to make necklaces, earrings, or rings, this class at the Phoenix Forge marketplace is perfect for you.


You read it right. Phoenix Forge has a blacksmithing class! You’ll also receive safety training before entering the workshop. If your dream job was once a blacksmith in a medieval RPG, then this class is here to satisfy your desire of fire and steel!

3D Printing

And here it is! One of the coolest classes you can enroll in this year! The 3D printing course at the Phoenix Forge marketplace will teach you all the basics for prototyping, choosing the right filament, and designing a printable model.

Become a Volunteer

As a new marketplace, Phoenix Forge is in need of volunteers. However, due to the pandemic, there might be a while before in-person volunteering starts. If you’re looking for things to do near Phoenix, you can still express your interest and see how you can stay involved and help this awesome space grow. After all, it’s all about community support nowadays if a public marketplace designed to educate and create wants to thrive.

Stay Involved

Another good way to stay involved with Phoenix Forge is to sign up for their mailing list, or take out a membership. The membership will give you access to member-only areas, whereas the newsletter will keep you posted for the latest events, courses, and all the other fun things happening.

The establishment is currently open Monday through Friday, 2pm – 10pm. While the state has lifted the mask mandate, it is required that you keep face covering on the whole time you’re inside the building. Classes are also at a reduced capacity right now, but hopefully things will come back to normal as we enter the hot summer months.

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