6 Local Art & Movie Theaters Near Phoenix to Support Right Now

Have you wondered how those cozy, neighborhood cinemas and theaters are doing during this lock-down? The fact is: they need your support now more than ever. So, we rounded up 10 local movie and art theaters near Phoenix that offer gift-cards, reward programs, and even online streaming services.

So go. Take action. Show them you care.

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Photo Credit: FilmBar

FilmBar’s Virtual Cinema

You can now stream movies from FilmBar’s website and continue to support this locally-owned movie theater near Phoenix! This award-winning local theater has provided its patrons with countless happy memories and satisfactory experiences. When you can’t go out, how about watching one of their selected films online with your loved ones?

Arizona Broadway Theatre

This theater has brought many classic, iconic pieces to the local community and always played their part in supporting the local artist community. They now need your donations and subscriptions to survive through this challenging time.

Photo Credit: Harkins Valley Art

Harkins Valley Art

Not only is this movie theater locally-owned, but it’s also the first theater ever built in Arizona. The historical and cultural value Harkins Valley Art Art theater holds in the Phoenix area is priceless. You can purchase gift cards or join their rewards program online to continue to show your support.

The Dutton Family Theater Mesa

This one is entirely unique, a family-run musical performance theater that now plays livestreamed shows every Thursday at 6 pm MT! Ran by three generations of performers and musicians, The Duttons is dedicated to providing a fun, family-oriented experience with the cultivation of arts. While in-person shows are now impossible to attend, you can still purchase many of their productions on DVD and browse their online shop!

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Photo Credit: Erik Reed

The Desert Sky Cinema

If you are an indie-film enthusiast, then you’ve definitely heard of the Desert Sky Cinema, also known as the High Sierra Theaters. This movie theater near Phoenix curates the best titles and can easily win their audience’s hearts. During this difficult time, you can support them by purchasing a gift card, but we’d also recommend you go ahead and join their rewards program if you plan on having a good time filled with amazing movies once our life goes back to normal.

The Loft Cinema

The Loft Cinema has always been the heart of movie entertainment in Southern Arizona. Besides showing newly released movies, they also host film festivals to engage local residents, especially children. They sell branded merchandise and also offer gift cards to be purchased, and they are also one of the few local theaters that provide a streaming service to continue showing new films!