‘Immersive Klimt: Revolution’ Exhibit To Open in Scottsdale March 26

Impact Museums and Lighthouse Immersive, North America’s leading producer of ground-breaking experiential art exhibits, announced its newest immersive art installation coming to Lighthouse ArtSpace Phoenix (4301 N. Scottsdale Rd.): Immersive Klimt: Revolution. Following the critically acclaimed Immersive Van Gogh, Lighthouse Immersive and Impact Museums turn to Gustav Klimt (1862-1918) to take patrons to the height of the Viennese artistic revolution, a period full of energy accompanied by the collision of the traditional with the modern. Following a successful run in Toronto, Immersive Klimt: Revolution arrives in Phoenix on March 26, 2022.

Tickets are available for purchase on www.immersiveklimt.com. Ticket prices start at $39.99 with timed and flexible options available.

Immersive Van Gogh creator, world-renowned master of digital art Massimiliano Siccardi, is now bringing patrons through Klimt’s evolution from thousands of hand-drawn sketches to works from the pinnacle of his “Golden Phase” such as the “The Woman in Gold,” “Tree of Life” and his most famous and storied work, “The Kiss.” Along the way, the exhibit will also introduce the work of some of Klimt’s contemporaries, Egon Schiele and Kolomon Moser. The projections will once again be accompanied by multimedia composer Luca Longobardi’s curated music selections and compositions.

“With Klimt, Massimiliano and Luca have raised the bar yet again, extending the possibilities of the immersive art experience even further,” says producer Corey Ross. “They are a bit more playful in this show with how they animate Klimt’s work – the show has a really celebratory energy that will absolutely meet the moment as Phoenix continues to return to normalcy this spring.”

“This exhibit takes you on a very exciting journey,” adds producer Svetlana Dvoretsky. “Klimt was a leader through a time of unrest among artists who wanted to completely reimagine what art could be and make art that favored graphic style and symbolism. He was a bold provocateur, particularly in his daring portrayal of the female form. The exhibit bathes the viewer in the sensual colors and golden glow of the period while also evoking the thrilling energy of times of change.”

Immersive Klimt: Revolution is a bold presentation of Gustav Klimt’s work as you’ve never seen it before,” says Vito Iaia, Producer and Co-Founder of Impact Museums. “The greater Phoenix/Scottsdale area is so rich with art, we know that the city will love Massimiliano’s vision and approach to the great works of a symbolist master. We are so excited to bring such a beautiful show to Lighthouse Artspace Phoenix.”

For more information about Immersive Klimt: Revolution, visit www.immersiveklimt.com. Follow the exhibition on social media @immersiveklimt on Instagram and Facebook.

About Lighthouse Immersive

Lighthouse Immersive brings together two of Toronto’s preeminent production companies – Starvox Entertainment, Canada’s fastest-growing live entertainment company responsible for bringing hit shows like The Art of Banksy to Toronto, and Show One Productions, a full-service production company presenting concerts with high-profile classical musicians, opera stars and orchestras – to bring the world premiere of IMMERSIVE VAN GOGH to Toronto, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York City and 16 other North American cities. Working directly with the Italian masters of immersive digital art and other leading global creators, Lighthouse Immersive has custom-designed all exhibits to distinctly envelop the various architectural settings they inhabit.

In the last year, the Canadian company has announced or opened new galleries in 21 U.S. cities including Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York City, and Orlando. To date, Lighthouse Immersive has sold well over 4.8 million tickets to IMMERSIVE VAN GOGH across North America, with Art Net recently commenting on the wave of immersive galleries, calling it “one of the largest coordinated art phenomena of all time.”

About Impact Museums

Impact Museums operates a portfolio of ground-breaking, immersive experiences built around our universal passions for art, entertainment, and important social causes. Our immersive studio develops original IP and licenses top-tier IP to build unique, interactive experiences. We connect with audiences emotionally through great storytelling around the topics they care about passionately. In addition to our own unique IP, Impact Museums invests in and partners with leading experiential producers to help them scale their winning experiences globally. Backed by an impressive roster of investors, Impact Museums is led by a passionate team of successful entrepreneurs building the next generation of museums and experiences. Collectively, we’ve built 15 companies, produced over 300 experiences, managed P&Ls of $750M, scaled global teams in 65 offices, collaborated with the world’s top artists, and built lasting social impact programs.

About Gustav Klimt

Gustav Klimt, born in Baumgarten, near Vienna in the Austrian Empire in 1862, spent his early career painting murals on the walls and ceilings of prestigious pieces of architecture, including the Kunsthistorisches Museum and the Ringstrasse in Vienna. Feeling stifled by the Association of Austrian Artist’s stalwart dedication to traditional artistic styles, Klimt helped found the Vienna Secession; an artistic movement that embraced stylistic diversity and invited artists from all over the world to come to Vienna to showcase their work, thus rejecting artistic nationalism that had grown popular at the time. Klimt’s most acclaimed works saw their inception during his “Golden Phase,” punctuated by unreserved eroticism, Byzantine imagery, and gold leaf.

Featured Image Credit: azcentral.com