10 Best Phoenix Hipster Bars We Knew About Before They Were Cool

While many bars attract a more general population of Phoenix, there are some esoteric bars that draw out an amazing hipster crowd. From the dives to the more modern tastemakers, these are the best 10 “hipster bars” in Phoenix we knew about before they were famous. Some are even doing carryout!

Photo Credit: Honor Amongst Thieves

Honor Amongst Thieves

5538 N 7th St

This is one sleek, cool bar, with a tight menu chock-full of signature cocktails.

Photo Credit: Cobra Arcade Bar

Cobra Arcade Bar

801 N 2nd St #100

If you’re looking for the best hipster bars in Phoenix with arcade games, we recommend visiting Cobra Arcade Bar. “Barcades”, or arcade bars, are some of the most exciting places to drink with a taste for nostalgia.

Photo Credit: The Lost Leaf

The Lost Leaf

914 N 5th St

This gem of downtown Phoenix is known for its beer selection and live music offerings: whether it’s the Hump Day Burlesque show or a band from out of town, The Lost Leaf any other year would be doing live music all year ‘round. 

Photo Credit: El Charro Hipster Bar and Cafe

El Charro Hipster Bar and Café

1325 Grand Ave #4

This hipster bar shows off the true meaning of “eclectic” with its menu of domestic and exotic eats. Open for takeout and delivery, they even make beverages and fare alike for special diets — vegan, gluten-free, and more!

Photo Credit: SideBar


1514 N 7th Ave

This lively destination has some of the craftiest cocktails, along with some classics.

The Whining Pig

The Whining Pig

201 E Washington St #104

This bar’s multiple locations offer cool, refreshing beer — over 125 craft beers to choose from, in fact! Come on down to enjoy camaraderie at their unique table setting!

Photo Credit: MercBar


2525 E Camelback Rd #120

MerceBar on Camelback Road is one of the best hipster bars in Phoenix that serves fresh specialty cocktails.

Photo Credit: Century Grand

Century Grand

3626 E Indian School Rd

This glossy, modern watering hole is usually heaven for bar hipsters, who might even need to get a reservation just to get in. 

Photo Credit: Lustre Rooftop Bar

Lustre Rooftop Bar

2 E Jefferson St

A bar with a view, Lustre Rooftop Bar is a hipster paradise, high above the mainstream crowd.

Photo Credit: The Little Woody

The Little Woody 

4228 E Indian School Rd

The Little Woody offers several eats that go swimmingly with a number of fun, twisted cocktails.


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