Here’s How You Can Support the Black Community and #BlackLivesMatter Protests in Phoenix

As #BlackLivesMatter protests continue for a second week, we at UrbanMatter want you to know that we stand with the black community. Our responsibility as human beings is to support black people and our responsibility as a news outlet is to share ways to help. So here are a few ways to lift up black lives by donating to these campaigns.

Black Lives Matter Phoenix Metro

With the goal of specifically supporting local communities in the Phoenix Metro area, this branch of the global Black Lives Matter foundation is primarily run by black womxn, femmes, and gender-queer folx in Phoenix. Take a stand for police accountability when you donate today.

Black Family and Child Services in Phoenix

Protecting the rights of black families and children, the Black Family and Child Services in Phoenix organization is committed to making after-school programs affordable and accessible to all. Donating today can help a child step into a new pair of shoes and empower them toward better quality of life.

Black Nurses Association of Greater Phoenix

Committed to informing and caring for black communities in Phoenix, BNAGPA is a fighting advocate for the right of people of color to access proper healthcare. They also support black nurses in the field, especially in the current battle against COVID-19.

Black Philanthropy Initiative 

Part of the Arizona Community Foundation, the Black Philanthropy Initiative addresses issues in the black community to advance equity and leadership in Arizona. When you give to this organization, you determine exactly which programs it will go toward supporting, including the Education Fund, STEAM Fund, Capacity Building Fund, and Social Justice Fund.

Tucson Second Chance Community Bail Fund

This organization in Tucson, AZ, acts as a cash bailout system to help disproportionately incarcerated black and brown people. Reuniting families and communities is their primary goal, fighting against mass incarceration daily.


Looking for more ways to help? This is, by no means, an exhaustive list. To join the broader, global movement, check out the following organizations:

Featured Image Credit: Julian Wan on Unsplash