Fall-Inspired Coffee Drinks from Your Favorite Scottsdale Coffee Shops

Autumn brings together some of the most flavorful experiences in coffee. After all, it’s PSL season once again! But even if it’s not an outright Pumpkin Spice Latte, there are numerous fall-inspired coffee drinks you can enjoy in Scottsdale coffee shops. Just have a look at the ones already out for the drinking!

Grindhouse Espresso Bar

4435 N Buckboard Trail, Scottsdale, AZ 85251

Naturally, you can’t imagine your best life without some pumpkin spice and fall-inspired coffee drinks. That means you can count on Grindhouse Espresso Bar to do the dirty work by adding pumpkin spice flavor to any drink you want. You can also drink in the Old Town Scottsdale vibes as you get yourself a “drink of the week” like the Twilight-themed mocha they had last week, or classic coffees like their cold brew, espresso tonics, and americanos. Now that it’s cooler outside, even sane people can drink their coffee warm again!

Mythical Coffee North

10269 N Scottsdale Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85253

Ready to ride the pumpkin a little farther? The Scottsdale location of Mythical Coffee can take you there! Their “Under the Pumpkin Sun” latte is made with pumpkin, sun butter, maple syrup, and fall spices! If you like drinks that feature just a whisper of the flavors you want, Mythical is a great place for you! Feel free to also try their Midnight Moon espresso tonic, with pear and lemon juice as well as ginger beer and espresso, and butterfly pea for the dark purple color. Once again, the flavors at Mythical are never in full force — they’re an accent to the experience of the latte itself!

Sip Coffee & Beer

3617 N Goldwater Blvd, Scottsdale, AZ 85251

It’s about time someone suggested pie for breakfast. Pumpkin pie, to be exact. Naturally, we’re here to talk about Sip’s own Pumpkin Pie Latte! Of course, you can always get your Horchata Cold Brew or Bananas Foster Latte out of habit. But, if you need your fall fix, you can absolutely still grab the pumpkin concoction that will satisfy your cravings! Don’t forget, Sip Coffee & Beer also happily provides light bites, beer, and cocktails alongside the coffee you need, so you don’t need to leave for anything ‘til you’re good and done!

Press Coffee

15257 N Scottsdale Rd, Building F Ste 160, Scottsdale, AZ 85260

Whether you want the classic latte experience or something cold and creamy, Press Coffee has you covered. Take the PSL, for example: hot or iced with the milk of your choice, complete with pumpkin spice sauce. There’s also the Espresso Pumpkin Shaker, which includes that sauce, some cinnamon, oat milk, and espresso blended together!

Sweetwaters Coffee & Tea

14850 N 87th St Suite 110, Scottsdale, AZ 85260

Whether it’s their Pumpkin Cold Brew, the Great Pumpkin Latte, or the Spiced Caramel Apple, there are drinks to tickle your autumn fancies here at Sweetwaters. You can also take advantage of many other beverages, including orange rooibos teas or their newest blended concoction, titled Mango Sunrise Energy! Whatever kind of morning you’re in for, you’ll find a drink that’s perfect for you here at this much-loved beverage hotspot. 

Featured Image Credit: clivecoffee.com

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