Catch Shrek: The Musical at the Mesa Arts Center Through March 15

Looking for something that the whole family will enjoy? Relive some of your best childhood moments and give your children something they won’t ever forget when you see Shrek: The Musical at the Mesa Encore Theater, playing through March 15. 

What to Expect

Shrek: The Musical is a world-class broadway performance by an experienced troupe who has been performing this story for years. This full production set is well-written, choreographed, and performed, having made national tours around the country since 2011. Performed in partnership with the All Puppet Players, this live-action co-production will feature some puppet work for characters like Dragon.

Everything You Already Know and Love

You’ll relive the tale of Shrek and his homeland swamp along with the movie’s iconic characters: Donkey, Fiona, Farquad, and everyone else. The musical numbers stay true to the original tale of Shrek, too, leaving little to be desired in terms of nostalgia.

shrek the musical
Photo Credit: Mesa Arts Center

What’s New?

Some changes have been made. Since the introduction of the musical, there have been a couple of changes made to the original script. Nothing story-changing though. Although the changes bring on a new element to the story we all know and love, the critiques are perfect for the one-stage storytelling aspect. A key change to the performance is a change in a song performed by Dragon near the end of the musical, replacing “Donkey Pot Pie” with an all-new set of lyrics you have to hear for yourself. 

When Is It?

You can visit the Mesa Encore Theater tonight through March 15th to catch all the action of Shrek: The Musical before it’s gone. Showtimes generally start at 7:30 PM with an early performance being done on the last day it is in town, which starts at 2:30 PM. Get your tickets now and get ready for the most magical night you’ve had in a long time!