Best Ciders Featured at Local Phoenix Area Bars

The word “fall” has become synonymous with “cider,” for many reasons. But we’re not just talking about some brown apple juice — the main event is hard ciders, the delicious fruity beverages that set the tone for autumn like no other libation really can. Ciders around the Phoenix area are sure to get you in the fall spirit of things. Whether it’s in a dedicated cider house or a restaurant known for its selection, you can find some of the best using this list!

Six Byrd Cider Taproom

3619 E Indian School Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85018

Six Byrd’s favorite thing is cider, as you can tell from their selection: from the Pura Vida Pineapple to the Pumpkin Pie and more classic variations, their ciders come on a tap rotation. Enjoy fall flavors — or those of all four seasons — with a custom cider flight if you like, only at $14. Whatever the flavor, be it Spiced Apple, Hazy Apple, or Hopped cider, you can enjoy a number of different tastes that all have that refreshing sweetness you’re looking for. The variety here means you can decide for yourself which ciders are the best — but of course, people seem to love the Prickly Pear Tea one, if you’re looking for suggestions.

The Attic Ale House

4247 E Indian School Rd #102, Phoenix, AZ 85018

Whether it’s to have brunch or to sup on the weeknights, there’s always a reason to go to The Attic Ale House. Delicious burgers, beer-battered fish tacos, and the ciders they have to offer. Of course, any place with “ale” in the name knows how important good beer is. Whether it’s a pale ale or mead, you can start with some high-quality libations on tap. However, if cider’s what you’re after, there are a few options, from Schilling’s Grapefruit and Chill to local offerings from Cider Corp. Not to mention, this restaurant has a ton of delectable menu items like pork sliders, ripe for the choosing.

Cider Corps Mesa

31 S Robson Suite 103, Mesa, AZ 85210

Cider Corps has made more than 200 ciders since being founded in 2017, and some of their favorites are up for grabs right now: Mango Foxtrot comes from mango and rose hips, while Semper Vera is a six-apple blend that’s made into a classic-tasting dry cider. Cider Corps also features various other brands like the Four Peaks Barrel Aged Blueberry Pie. They’ve even collaborated with Myke’s Pizza to create a honey-chile cider, and working with Pair Cupworks has brought them a cider blend that combines cold brew with flavors of berry and citrus.

Superstition Meadery Downtown

1110 E Washington St, Phoenix, AZ 85034

The main feature of Superstition Downtown might be their mead, but they also showcase a few great choices for cider as well. There are some inspiring options here, from the apricot-based Sirius Mystery to Diaphanous Dreams, barrel-aged with wine grapes. However, the most notable cider they carry is the top-rated hard cider in the world — Blueberry Spaceship Box. This blueberry and apple cider is an award-winning libation that you can choose to buy by the bottle if you’re ready for that. If you want to see what all the fuss is about, you can taste an ounce of that delectable cider for only $2. Be warned, though: Many a time has that $2 turned into a lifelong love for the stuff!

Featured Image Credit: Mouth By Southwest

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