5 Best Independent Films by Arizona Visual Artists You Should Watch

The state of Arizona, just half a day away from Hollywood, is a climate all its own in the world of film. Independent filmmakers and production teams of all kinds have their roots in the Copper State with many different talents to share. Here are the best five independent films that were created by filmmakers in Arizona.

LEFT HOOK | Feature

A crime thriller that has been a labor of love for the production team at Illumination Cinema, LEFT HOOK chronicles the story of a loan shark’s life gone from bad to worse. Arizona filmmaker David Wayne Young served as producer and voice actor for the role of Toby, and his team celebrates the digital release  of this independent film on multiple platforms as of May 16th. Don’t wait — see it this weekend, wherever you are!

Raising Buchanan | Feature

This comedy is a well-loved recent addition to the festival circuits, Raising Buchanan is a comedy chronicling the deeds of a woman who steals the body of a dead president to hold him for ransom. Produced by Amanda Melby’s Cheese Board Productions and written and directed by Bruce Dellis, this film now available to rent or buy is a great selection for movie night. A recent review by the team at Phoenix Film Festival gives the scoop on this charming flick!

June Heist | Short

This short, written and directed independent film by Phoenix-based filmmaker and student Angela Marie Houston, is based on the motivations that come from families facing the struggles of poverty. June Heist has already won multiple awards at festivals and is expected to soon join other UTV Studios productions online!

My Sekret War | Short

This war drama was written by former refugee and Arizona State University graduate, Rina Hajra, produced in tandem with Rangelo Productions. The story chronicles the past and present of a child of war, whose actions in the heat of conflict yield tumultuous results on her and those around her, while ten years later she is met with a face from the past. Can’t wait to watch it? See the trailer here!

Teenage Badass | Feature

A “period piece” of the not-so-distant year of 2006, this independent film by Common Wall Media tells the tale of a band that gets a chance for a step toward making it big, only to be held back in part by their singer’s own ego. Teenage Badass, written by Arizona State graduate Matthew Dho. Yet another film that is coming soon to a computer near you!


Featured Image Credit: Illumination Cinema LLC

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