12 Best Tattoo Artists in Arizona With Instagram Worthy Designs

We’ve all considered getting a tattoo at some point, right? Some people put it off continually because they just can’t seem to find an artist they trust. To make the process easier, these are the 12 best tattoo artists near you in Phoenix, Arizona we recommend viewing on Instagram.

Rat Queen

If you’re looking for a detailed drawing, she is definitely your go-to gal. Rat Queen Tattoo is a tattoo artist that can be found at Lost Dutchman Tattoo in Phoenix.

Seth Alexander

Ever catch yourself admiring the intricacies of tattoos? They might have been done by Seth. He is guaranteed to make it turn out beautifully. You can find him at Club Tattoo in Scottsdale

David Sanchez

It’s totally worth going to Tolleson to visit David at Blood Ink. It’s almost hard to tell whether he’s a tattoo artist or a painter (he’s that good).

Phoenix Blaze Tattoo Artist

If you’re looking for the best tattoo artist near you in Arizona with a little flare, you may be town to Phoenix Blaze. All you have to do is head over to Neon Tattoo’s studio in the Phoenix area.

Jesska Pierson

Basically, get anything you want done, done by Jesska. Her designs range from looking like classic masterpieces to fun characters with splashes of color. To find her, visit Artistic Tattoo in Phoenix.

Joey Vinci

Vivid and bright is what you’ll get when visiting Joey at Phoenix’s Art and Soul Ink. But that’s cool, you can cheer up just by looking at your ink.

Kyle Grand

Arizona Classic Tattoo Co. is home to Kyle Grand, a tattoo artist in Arizona who does quirky body art for those looking to add an interesting touch to their look.

Lina Lovely Tattoos

On the lookout for anything dark and mysterious to vibrant and bubbly? Book with Lina; she’s a true Picasso.

Jay Roth

Also native to Arizona Classic Tattoo Co., Jay’s work blends together flawlessly in a style that is enticing for those looking to find something new.

Drew Brockhoff

Drew Brockhoff is a tattoo artist at Tattoo Co. that creates gorgeous designs that will not fade quickly. Pay him a visit upon his reopening.

Pelon Rodriguez

If you’re searching for the best tattoo artist near you in Arizona that specializes in phrases, Pelon Rodriguez does these flawlessly. Sketches look almost like watercolor paintings. You’re sure to find his style mesmerizing. Shoot him a DM on the ‘gram to get set up.


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