10 Best Thai Restaurants Offering Takeout in Phoenix

As the summer weather approaches, are your taste-buds craving something refreshing, potentially spicy, and vinegary? And on those chilly nights where temperatures drop all of a sudden, doesn’t a hot bowl of Thai curry sound divine?

We certainly think so.

And that’s why we’ve gathered the 10 best Thai takeout spots in Phoenix. Next time you are craving Thai food, we got you covered.

Photo Credit: Glai Baan Facebook

Glai Baan

Unlike other commercial Thai restaurants, Glai Baan focuses on street food and snacks — the very essence of any Asian cuisine. There is nowhere else you can find such genuine Thai food in Phoenix!

Krua Thai Cuisine

If you’re looking for the best Thai food in Phoenix, Krua Thai Cuisine has a wide selection of appetizers and fill-size dinner plates to satisfy your craving. With six different spicy levels and many gluten-free dishes, their flexibility will surely satisfy the cravings of you and your family.

Photo Credit: Sala Thai Restaurant Phoenix Facebook

Sala Thai Restaurant

If you are in the mood for Thai curry, Sala Thai restaurant is somewhere you definitely don’t want to miss. They have everything traditional to more innovative curries such as pumpkin curry. On a side note, they also have Boba smoothies, which are perfect for the summer weather!

Thai E-San

Not in the mood for regular Thai food and want something with a bit more zing in the Phoenix area? Thai E-San is what you’ve been searching for, then. Esan cuisine, located in Northeastern Thailand, is known to be a bit spicier and more herbal rich in taste compared to regular Thai food, taking pride in using only the best ingredients.

Photo Credit: Thai Basil Signature Facebook

Thai Basil Signature

Thai Basil serves smaller lunch plates during the day and larger dinner plates at night, giving you a healthy variety if you are not a heavy eater. The Thai food menu at this establishment includes about every classic Thai dish you could think of: Pad Thai, Drunken Noodles, Thai Fried Rice… okay, now we are getting hungry.

Chanpen Thai Cuisine

Besides having classic plates including soup, appetizer, and entrees, Chanpen Thai Cuisine keeps things fun and exciting by coming up with daily specials. If you are having difficulties making a decision, why not go with one of the chef’s recommendations?

Photo Credit: Krachai Thai Kitchen Facebook

Krachai Thai Kitchen

Krachai Thai Kitchen in Phoenix makes all their sauces from scratch at home. If that’s not enough, they also have a lunch special going on from Monday thru Friday. Their wide selection of Thai food is the reflection of how much they want to satisfy their customers. You can also order additional sauce on the side.

Tom Yum Thai North Restaurant

If you’re looking for the best Thai wok dishes or food in Phoenix, this place will make you fall in love. Tom Yum has an extremely impressive selection of wok combinations, from the more traditional Sweet & Sour to more exotic ones using unusual ingredients like bamboo shoots.

Photo Credit: The Wild Thaiger Facebook

The Wild Thaiger

The Wild Thaiger, just like the name suggests, is full of wild, unique, creative dishes based on traditional Thai cuisine, while still offering all traditional dishes of your love! The Wild Thaiger is also one of the few spots that also offers contact-free delivery, so you can actually have your favorite food dropped off at your doorstep if you are within their delivery range!

Thai Long-an

Thai Long-an is one of the best Thai food destinations in Phoenix because they allow you to customize your dishes. Their soup, rice, noodles, entrees, and curries all offer customization options, from regular meat choices to fancy combos, so you can get your food exactly the way you want it.