10 Best Hot Coffee At Dunkin Donuts to Order On the Menu

Since 1950, Dunkin’ Donuts has been serving up coffee and donuts for folks on the go. After finding success in the Northeast (it was founded in Quincy, Massachusetts), the working-class coffee shop began expanding its drink menu and locations across the world. Today, Dunkin Donuts has over 11,300 restaurants worldwide and operates in 36 different countries serving their best drinks and donuts.

The slogan “America Runs on Dunkin'” has been branded into the zeitgeist. As the country’s dependency on caffeine and quick-serve restaurants that serve good items on the go increased, so did operations. Walk down the street in any major city during a morning commute and you’re likely to see one of two things: a Starbucks cup or a Dunkin’ Donuts cup.

We’ve already told you about Starbucks and its secret menu, but let’s dive into Dunkin’s drink menu and deliver the 10 best Dunkin’ drink options—with nutritional info—that you can order the next time you’re in need of a hot cup of joe.

Note: All nutritional values are based on a medium-sized drink and are pulled from the Dunkin Donuts website*

Dunkin' Cold Brew
Photo Credit: Dunkin’ Instagram

Cold Brew

100% Arabica beans steeped overnight in cold water for 12 hours to slowly extract the flavor, making it an ultra-smooth, full-bodied cold coffee with a sweeter, rich chocolatey taste. Brewed in small batches. Limited quantities are available daily.

5 calories | 260mg caffeine | 0g total fat |

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Dunkin' Regular Coffee
Photo Credit: Dunkin’ Instagram

Regular Coffee (Hot or Iced)

The famous Hot Coffee at Dunkin’ Donuts is a popular item on the drink menu that is made from high-quality 100% Arabica beans and is freshly ground and brewed continually throughout the day.

5 calories | 210mg caffeine | 0g total fat |

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Dunkin' Latte
Photo Credit: Dunkin’ Instagram

Signature Latte

Made with warm, frothy milk and blended with rich espresso, the Signature Latte is a famous item on the drink menu at Dunkin’ Donuts that includes a delicious twist with whipped cream, drizzle and toppings.

420 calories | 166mg caffeine | 14g total fat | 

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Iced Macchiato
Photo Credit: Dunkin’ Instagram

Iced Macchiato

Looking for layers on layers of handcrafted deliciousness? Made with layers of creamy milk and two shots of espresso then served over ice, the DD Iced Macchiato is just what you need.

40 calories | 284mg caffeine | 3g total fat | 

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Chai Latte

A sweetened blend of chai spices, including cinnamon, cardamom, and nutmeg, combined with milk.

290 calories | 105mg caffeine | 9g total fat | 

Iced Blueberry Matcha Latte

Sweetened matcha green tea blended with milk.

180 calories | 120mg caffeine | 0g total fat |
Dunkin' Donuts
Photo Credit: Dunkin’ Instagram

Strawberry Dragonfruit Dunkin’ Refresher

A top-pick among the best Dunkin’ drinks, this Refresher is made with B vitamins and energy from green tea. Try the Strawberry Dragonfruit flavored and Peach Passion Fruit flavored options. We’re here to tell you that the Strawberry Dragonfruit flavor on the drink menu at Dunkin’ Donuts is a Grade A+++ winner.

130 calories | 99mg caffeine | 0g total fat |

Frozen Coolatta

Fun, refreshing flavors that are sure to make you smile.

350 calories | 18mg caffeine | 0g total fat |


The Dunkaccino®, with its unique blend of coffee and hot chocolate flavors, is the perfect treat to warm you up. Drink as is, or add extra indulgence with delicious whipped cream.

350 calories | 85mg caffeine | 15g total fat | 

Photo Credit: Dunkin’ Instagram

Americano (Hot or Iced)

The Americano is a delicious item on the drink menu at Dunkin’ Donuts that features two shots of their 100% Rainforest Alliance Certified™ espresso with hot water creating a rich, robust drink. It’s a simple yet classic choice among the best Dunkin’ drinks.

10 calories | 284mg caffeine | 0g total fat | 

Featured Image Credit: Isabella and Zsa Fischer on Unsplash