The 8 Best Chipotle Menu Items

Chipotle has quickly risen to the ranks as one of the best stops for fast-casual food. The ingredients are great, they have an abundance of menu items with endless combinations. Sometimes the menu items can feel a bit overwhelming but everyone that you talk to has a go-to Chipotle order for sure.

If you don’t fit into that category then we have you covered with the 8 Best Menu Items at Chipotle. Most of these are fully customizable to your preference but as a base, these are what I would go with.

  1. Chips w/ Guac, Salsa, or Queso

A solid choice for the back of the pack. It’s a staple side when you go to any Mexican-style restaurant. It is almost impossible to pick from one of the three to go along with the chips. My personal favorite has always been salsa verde. The Queso at Chipotle is also great, the guac is a classic but I prefer it in my bowl and having another flavor with the chips.

  1. Salad

This is very similar to a burrito bowl but adds in fresh super greens blend. The added toppings are the same as a burrito bowl as well so you have full customization with the salad. The Supergreen combination of Romaine, Kelp, and Spinach is a twist on the typical burrito bowl. As well as the added Chipotle-Honey Vinaigrette that is only available on the salad.

  1. Quesadillas

I will admit I have never really been one to order a Quesadilla. However, Chipotle has great steak and it works perfectly with the melted cheese and crispy tortilla. There is something about them that is for sure different than any other Quesadilla I have gotten.

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  1. Wholesome Bowl

This is much like the salad but it comes with Chicken at the base of it. And this is on the list because it is Paleo and Keto. And Chipotle has a decent selection of options for people with dietary restrictions. Even though every order is fully customizable having options to just pick from is great for people that might struggle to find things.

  1. Tacos

Once again these are fully customizable, I personally go with Steak on everything but let’s talk about what makes the tacos different. They are a lighter option in my opinion, I would say if you are ordering Tacos, just keep it light with a couple of toppings and skip out on the rice. Sometimes rice can get heavy and be too much. These are an option if you are looking for something lighter and easier.

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  1. Al Pastor Bowl

This is a newly added item to the Chipotle menu, I would be surprised if you haven’t seen an ad for it yet cause they are everywhere. So why is it good? Well, Al Pastor is my second favorite thing to get on a taco. Normally it is cooked with pork but Chipotle has done it with chicken, I will say it is a different experience. I was pleasantly surprised because normally when you change a cultural classic it is never as good, but this in a bowl or burrito is worth a try for sure. 

  1. Burritos

This used to be my go-to order when I would get Chipotle in High School. The way that everything gets tightly wrapped into a perfect burrito is so good. Sometimes you would get an unfortunate layout inside the tortilla but that was a rarity and the burrito making at Chipotle is a science. So definitely have this as an idea for a jam-packed valuable item. 

  1. Steak Burrito Bowl

This is my new order that I always go to and I will actually walk through what I get. Steak bowl with cheese, guac, lettuce, corn salsa, and rice. To me, the Bowl is the best item on the menu regardless of what you put in it. The ability to mix whatever you want together and have a fair share of food per bite is the best. Every bite is up tp you and if you’re feeling adventurous then you can order some tortillas and create your own tacos/burritos.

Featured Image Credit: via Nation’s Restaurant News