Where to Get the Best Lasagna in Phoenix

There is nothing quite like getting full on a delicious plate of pasta. This is especially true of lasagna, one of the biggest staples of comfort food. Wherever you go in Phoenix, there’s no denying that having a good plate of lasagna is the mark of a stellar restaurant. Where can you get this delightful dish? Worry not — we’re happy to share where to get the best lasagna in Phoenix in the list below!

Adela’s Italian Restaurant

4041 E Thomas Rd #107, Phoenix, AZ 85018

How about some fine north Italian cuisine to make your evening sublime? Whether you’d like to try some veal dishes or the classic beef lasagna, we think Adela’s can set you up with something that’ll make your mouth water. Take that lasagna for example — Adela’s makes none of their dishes with pork, so you know you’re getting the real deal in their classic lasagna! However, you can change this meaty pasta to feature layers of gluten-free lasagna noodles rather than the conventional one. So, even if you’d prefer to have something delicious without regular wheat products, Adela’s has you covered.

L’amore Italian Restaurant

3159 E Lincoln Dr, Phoenix, AZ 85016

This local establishment has been part of the Phoenix food scene for over 15 years. L’amore has a balanced menu of seafood, chicken, veal and more — not to mention a refreshing variety of salads. Even an eggplant parmigiana with sauteéd spinach could really hit the spot, but you shouldn’t forget what many people rave about at L’amore: the lasagna. Their lasagna bolognese is served atop a hearty, meaty tomato sauce, as the name suggests. Pasta is bound to make you thirsty, so feel free to take advantage of the full bar and whatever might be on tap here at L’amore!

Tomaso’s on Camelback

3225 E Camelback Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85018

Since 1977, Tomaso’s has been voted the best Italian restaurant in the Valley — and when you come to try out Chef Tomaso Maggiore’s own recipes, you might vote the same. Chef Tomaso takes great pride in providing high-quality renditions of Italian-American cuisine, such as his Stuffed Gnocchi with brown butter and sage or a sweet and delicious Butternut Squash Ravioli. Of course, you can also enjoy the classics like this joint’s “Best Ever Lasagna” as well. Try it and see why even 35 years later, everyone in Phoenix loves to enjoy Tomaso’s on Camelback!

Pomo Pizzeria

705 N 1st St UNIT 120, Phoenix, AZ 85004

This downtown Phoenix pizzeria does a great number of different Neapolitan wood-fired recipes, including classic sausage pies and vegetarian options like the Tartufata, a pizza that combines mozzarella, mushrooms, white truffle oil and parmigiano. You can even get vegan or gluten-free options of these masterpieces. However, you can also shoot for other dishes like panini sandwiches, fig and honey bruschette, and of course, their Lasagne al Forno, complete with bechamel and authentic meat sauce! Despite this place sporting mostly pizza pies, it’s clear that their terrific pasta dishes — lasagna included — make for a truly comfortable dinner indeed.

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