Phoenix Chinese Week is Going Virtual This Year

Many wonder how we can celebrate the Chinese New Year this year with the pandemic closing most event venues. We found out that the famous Phoenix Chinese Week will be held 100% virtually this year with multiple breakout sessions and special programming!

What is Phoenix Chinese Week

The Phoenix Chinese Week has been one of the most beloved ethnical events locally since its establishment in 1989. As a 501c3 organization, the Phoenix Chinese Week dedicates itself to promote cultural diversity. It’s the organization’s goal to make Chinese culture more fun and inclusive. Meanwhile, they also support various local immigration communities.

Virtual Stage

The virtual stage is the core of this year’s online Phoenix Chinese Week. The programming includes traditional Chinese dance, lion dance, martial arts, and music performance. If you’ve never participated in the Chinese Week events before, we promise these shows will blow your mind! Our personal favorite is the fan dance. Be sure to let us know what you liked the most!

Culture & History Pavilion

Do you miss the in-person events at art galleries? Get a dose of Chinese arts and crafts at the virtual culture and history pavilion then! The programming includes a paper-cut exhibition, a teapot exhibition, a pottery workshop, and a Chinese zodiac exhibition.

Did you know you can translate your name into Chinese (properly!) at the virtual pavilion?

Online Vendors and Food Pavilion

If you are a local restaurant, you can still apply to be an online vendor for the 2021 Phoenix Chinese Week. The virtual food pavilion features all the best Chinese restaurants in Phoenix. It also has a Chinese food program that teaches you how to make wontons. By the way — have you seen our feature on the DIY Chinese Desserts workshop from Happy Buns?

Virtual Children’s Pavillion

Involve your little ones in this cultural celebration, because why not? You can find printable Chinese writing tutorials and teach your kids how to write “Happy New Year” and some blessing words. You can also DIY a chopstick tournament at home with soft candies, M&Ms, and other small objects. Do you think you will win, or would your kids smash you?

Support the Organization

Do you know somebody who may be interested in becoming a sponsor? The PHX Chinese Week accepts sponsorships year-round, and it is their main fundraising format. Becoming a sponsor brings your company more visibility and other benefits as well. You will also gain exclusive access to their events. The Phoenix Chinese Week also has a scholarship program. Therefore, your funds may help young students realize their dream.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram