Best Places for a Sonoran Hot Dog in the Valley

Sonoran hot dogs are a specialty here, given that the Valley of the Sun is set as an oasis, a jewel in the Sonoran Desert! Our ties to the cuisine south of the border make this hot dog a pure marriage of American and Mexican fare: a bacon-wrapped frank covered in beans, tomatoes, onions, and mayo! You can enjoy this masterpiece in many places around the Phoenix area. If you’re here in the Valley looking for a good spot for a quality frank done right, you’ll only have to look at the list of hot dog spots below!

Nogales Hot Dogs No. 2

1945 E Indian School Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85016

There may be three locations total, but only one is the favorite when it comes to Nogales Hot Dogs. On Indian School Road, you can find yourself getting some dogs with “the works,” or you add more toppings — including cotija cheese, guacamole, and even salsa verde! Whatever a Sonoran hot dog looks like to you, you can ask for it here at Nogales!

Micky’s Hot Dogs

108 W Broadway Rd, Mesa, AZ 85210

It’s only right to be able to get quality dogs at a great price, and Micky’s fills the role perfectly. Though you can come here for other eats — like vampiros and quesadillas — the staple item they boast is their inexpensive and fully loaded hot dog! Not only does it carry the main, much-loved toppings of a Sonoran dog, but there’s a standardized approach Micky’s takes that makes their dish even more all-encompassing, with even more bang for your buck.

Sonora Querida Hot Dogs Y Tacos

3927 W Southern Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85041

Are you feeling hungry? Looking for something that can scratch multiple itches? Come to a spot that offers grilled shrimp bowls, red chile tamales, and of course, some scrumptious hot dogs made in the traditional Sonoran fashion. With various authentic Mexican dishes to choose from, this shop knows how to get someone’s mouth watering — and better yet, how to help them get what they need.

El Caprichoso Hotdogs

2826 N 35th Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85009

Incredible hot dogs — ones that are not only tasty but of Instagram quality plating — come from right here at El Caprichoso. You can enjoy their usual “Hot Dog Estilo Sonora” on a curbside patio table, with your dish completed by a delicious grilled pepper and a drizzle of mayo that’s truly hypnotic. This hot spot for Sonora-style dogs is closed on Mondays, but any other day of the week you can feel free to get their Titanic, which is a double-sized version of the Sonoran hot dog classic!

El Yori Hot Dogs

753 S Alma School Rd Suite 5, Mesa, AZ 85210

Not only can you get a great Sonoran dog on a bun — you can get it on lettuce too! El Yori knows that hot dogs don’t need the bun to be delicious, but no matter how you order them, they’re both beautiful and tasty. You might, of course, come for some tacos, nachos, and other tasty snacks, but ultimately, you’ll want to have one of their bacon-wrapped bad boys as well!

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