Bars and Restaurants with the Best Old Fashioned Cocktails in Tuscon

Ah, the Old Fashioned! For anyone who’s a fan of whiskey cocktails or bitters, this has been a true staple at the bar for decades. But not every Old Fashioned is up to snuff — some are most definitely better than others. If you’re in need of the best Old Fashioned cocktails in the Tucson area, keep reading. We’ve put some of the best options out there in a list just for you!

Good Oak Bar

10 AZ 85225

Simplicity is a good thing, and Good Oak Bar agrees. Just look at their menu, for starters! Open from 4 in the afternoon to midnight Wednesday through Sunday, Good Oak Bar features a short-but-sweet list of eats, including Fried Pickles with Crystal’s Hot Sauce Aioli and their Rolled Crispy Potato Tacos. But just as important is their drinks, with focused offerings like whiskey, craft beer, and standard, high-quality cocktails like the Old Fashioned, which has been hailed by many a customer as their favorite.


118 E Congress St, Tucson, AZ 85701

Doesn’t drinking just make you want a doughnut? If you hadn’t thought about that before, you’re thinking about it now. Luckily, Batch is ahead of you. They even have boozy doughnuts, like the Maple Bourbon Bacon or the Apple Jack Daniels. This whiskey bar specializes in — you guessed it — whiskeys of many varieties and their Old Fashioned cocktails utilize the best of the best. For example, you can try their Del Bac Old Fashioned with a local single malt (classic or smoked), which features local prickly pear as well! In fact, Batch has multiple variations of the Old Fashioned for you to try out — and if you make it on a Friday, you can pair your drink up with some street tacos for good measure. Yum!

Ermanos Bar

220 N 4th Ave, Tucson, AZ 85705

Don’t let the name fool you. This spot may have a full bar, but it’s a full-on restaurant sporting delicious eats like their quesabirria, mushroom carnitas tacos, and so much more. But what’s even better than their high-end meals and apps is the beverages — including a Oaxaca Old Fashioned with mole bitters. The drinks can even be upgraded with CBD oil to change the experience into something else altogether!

Reilly Craft Pizza and Drink

101 E Pennington St, Tucson, AZ 85701

Are you ready for a perfectly made Old Fashioned in a modern Italian beer garden? Check out Reilly, where you can get one made with rye or try their Iron Horse Old Fashioned, a creation made with black tea, bourbon, and single malt whiskey. It helps that you’ll be able to enjoy a pizza with your drinks, so if you need to try more than one, you’ll have something in your belly already! There is even a vegan pie if you’re interested, as well as various twists on the good old classics.