5 Restaurants that Serve the Best Baby Back Ribs in the Valley

There’s nothing quite like a meat extravaganza to bring your summer to a close. However, you may not want to be doing the cooking — and in that case, you can come to one of these many restaurants to celebrate the seasons changing with some juicy, well-seasoned barbecue. The area is full of spots for exactly that, but none of them is quite as mouthwatering as those loin ribs — the ones we call “baby back” — which pack the full flavor of the tender pork you’re wanting without all the fat. If you’re looking for some baby back ribs in the Valley, we’ll lead you to all the right places!

Danky’s BAR-B-Q

4727 E Bell Rd #31, Phoenix, AZ 85032

Not only is this a great spot for everything from smoked brisket to baby back ribs, but they offer generous portions. Danky’s earns respect for their flavor as well as the size of their dishes, so come hungry. Even though you might come for the savory stuff, don’t forget to leave room for their apple pie — a mouthwatering Michigan farm recipe!

Bobby-Q BBQ Restaurant and Steakhouse

3154 E Camelback Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85016

These baby backs are so tender they fall right off the bone. Look out for Bobby-Q, an amazing spot for steaks and pit-cooked meats. Bobby-Q also knows its way around several other types of ribs — so if you’re wanting some Jumbo Texas Beef Ribs or some smoked rib tips, you’ve got choices here. You can even order a barbecue’s worth of meat to bring to your own home in lieu of hosting a cookout. In Bobby Q’s words, “It’s too hot to BBQ,” so they’re willing to take the heat for you!


15044 N Cave Creek Rd #6, Phoenix, AZ 85032

A much-loved hole in the wall, HEK Yeah BBQ is a family-owned restaurant responsible for sumptuous meats like pulled pork, smoked sausage, brisket, and of course, baby back ribs. You can visit any day but Monday and expect to eat something decadent and savory — but be aware, they do sometimes sell out. With that in mind, you better plan ahead when thinking about when you want these ribs, or anything else that grabs your attention.

Frasher’s Smokehouse

3222 E Indian School Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85018

Bringing the tastes of Kansas City and Memphis all the way to the West, Frasher’s Smokehouse specializes in quite a few meals that hit the spot. These include pulled pork, tri-tips, and burnt ends. But if you’re shooting for something a little more universal, get their baby back ribs on a full, half, or quarter rack — a dish that’s been known here to be just “perfect.”

Honey Bear’s BBQ

5012 E Van Buren St, Phoenix, AZ 85008

The ribs here are tender and flavorful, and they’re made in the Memphis style we’ve grown to love and crave from places like Honey Bear’s. From a Nashville hot chicken sandwich to some fried catfish, there are plenty of other meats you can enjoy alongside if you’re ready to have more than just the ribs.

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