10 Reasons Why Arizona Is the Best State

Looking for a bigger reason to be partial to the Copper State? How about ten of them? If you want to tout some facts to show off why Arizona is the best state to live in, you’ve come to the right place. Read on!

Authentic Mexican Cuisine

All border states, from the Lone Star State to Cali, have a rich culture that’s infused with elements from our neighboring nation. While you can enjoy some Tex-Mex every now and then, many Arizona dishes have a far more authentic taste, from carne asada to calabacitas to elotes to raspados. Whether sweet or savory, there are taquerias and bakeries that dedicate their work to celebrating Mexican cuisine — especially from Sonora, the part of Mexico just south of us. What does that mean for us? Taco Tuesday is a lot tastier here than in other states.

Perfect Winter Weather

You don’t have to shovel your driveway unless you want to in Arizona. If you choose to live in the mountains, like in Flagstaff, you’ll get your snow. But if your idea of perfect weather includes clear skies and cool desert air, then you can still get your joy from winters in Phoenix or Tucson, where there’s rarely snow at all. If you find yourself vacationing in Phoenix, it is a great idea to take a short drive to some of the surrounding cities and see all the fantastic things this city offers.

Beautiful, Diverse Terrain

Arizona is not a one-note state. From Sedona Valley to the Petrified Forest, to the various state parks, desert landscapes, and of course, mountains, there’s a variety of terrains to explore. What’s more, these places are all very photogenic; you won’t be hard-pressed to take a beautiful nature pic for the ‘gram in Arizona.

Business Is Booming

Rated one of the ten best states for starting a business, Arizona is full of startups and small businesses that keep popping up. Even at the height of lockdown in 2020, businesses still cropped up, and being a tech-company hub, the Valley served as a hotspot for remote startups especially. If you’re looking for a job with a small business, or to start your own, Arizona is a perfect spot to do either.

Pool Parties Are The Hottest Thing

Yes, Arizona gets toasty in the summer. But people in the desert find ways to stay cool. Namely, we party hard at the pool. Rooftop bars, water parks, and more become a hard and fast staple of day-to-day life in the Copper State.

Preserved History and Nature Everywhere

You’re in the Wild West. Everything from cliff dwellings to old mining towns, even the famous Meteor Crater, can be found in Arizona. So, whether you’re a history buff or just a big fan of wildlife, there are preserves and monuments for you to visit everywhere in the state.

A World-Class University

Rated the #1 university in the U.S. for innovation, Arizona State University is a comprehensive research university whose focus on use-based research findings makes them a contributor to national and global problem-solving. ASU is among the Top 1% of higher education worldwide, according to the Center for World University Rankings in 2020. Going here means investing in your future with a world-class education!

Entertainment of All Kinds

Whether it’s a high-end arts event like the Phoenix Film Festival or a trip to the resort, there’s something to do for everyone. In fact, while it’s also rich in casino resorts, Arizona is one of the states sporting tons of top-notch golf courses and golf resorts. If you like golf, this is definitely the state for it.

Not Far From Other Amazing Places Nearby

Whether you’re looking for a good time in Vegas, headed to San Diego to enjoy the beach or want to take a trip to Hollywood, you can do all that in a short amount of time from Arizona. From Phoenix, Los Angeles and San Diego are both about a 6-hour drive away. The drive to Las Vegas is even shorter than that, and if you’re headed to Mexico, the drive is half that!

It’s the Grand Canyon State

Yes, one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World is right in your backyard. Take a trip a few hours north of the Valley to visit the Colorado River’s most impressive footprint, and to get an in-person glimpse of something that can truly make you feel small. It’ll take your breath away!

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