How to Throw An Epic Virtual Quarantine Party at Home

These days, video chatting is a way of life. By now, the ubiquitous Zoom Happy Hour is getting a little old. Here are some fun ideas to put a new twist on your next quarantine party.

Disco Time

The new, ultra-social video chatting app Houseparty is basically Zoom’s drunk cousin. Just download it and start a party by “waving” at any of your contacts and inviting them to join you in a virtual room. Be sure to have a banging Spotify playlist spinning. You can even simulate being in a club by suggesting that your friends dress up or throwing on some fun LED mini lights that plug right into your computer or smartphone and flash in time to your music. (They’re super cheap online!) To really get the vibe of being at a club or a wild party, be sure to leave the “door” to your virtual room unlocked. That way any one of your contacts can “sneak” into your room. You never know who could show up!

Host a Trivia Night

Who doesn’t love trivia? Just because your favorite pub is closed right now doesn’t mean you can’t play. Grab some friends, sort yourself into teams and use this random trivia generator to get started with some questions!

Photo Credit: Cards Against Humanity Facebook

Cards Against Humanity

The party game for horrible people has finally moved online. You can play it remotely with friends with the app Playing Cards Online. Be sure to hop on Houseparty with your pals so you can see each other’s reactions!

Photo Credit: Heads Up Facebook

Heads Up

Heads Up is a fun app that will get you and your virtual guests playing a wacky, charades-like guessing game. One player holds the screen of their phone up to their forehead and must guess the word on it by interpreting the other player’s clues. There’s loads of different categories and playing options!

Two Truths and a Lie

It’s a classic for a reason! No apps required, simply ask everyone at your party to think of three things about themselves. Two must be true and the third is a lie. Go around and ask the other guests to ask which one they think is the lie. You’ll have a blast getting to know each other better.


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