10 Tiger Movies and Documentaries to Watch Now That You’ve Finished ‘Tiger King’

We all love cats; there is no question about it. Look at how Netflix’s Tiger King topped Stranger Things 2 in its first 10-day viewership. What was it? Was it the drama, the theories, the lovers, the mullets? No, truth to be told, they had us at the word ‘tiger,’ and now that it’s gone, here are 10 more ways for you to enjoy these lovely creatures coexisting with other humans. Most of them are less extravagant, but they all show a beautiful tiger in all its magnificence.

Photo Credit: Disney

A Tiger Walks

1964 Family/Drama

A tiger on the loose in a small town. Everyone wants the animal killed, except the sheriff’s daughter, who wants to save it.

Photo Credit: Disney

The Jungle Book

1967 Animated / 2016 Adventure

Rudyard Kipling is the author of this incredible story based on Mowgli’s life. The boy’s family was attacked in the Indian jungle by tigers, a pack of wolves witness this, and take the boy under their protection, raising him as their own. Shere Kahn (the tiger) is deeply feared as a predator. This is a beautiful story that reveals a friendship between humans and animals surrounded by incredible nature.

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Photo Credit: Siegfried & Roy: The Miracle

Siegfried & Roy: The Miracle

2004 TV Movie

Siegfried and Roy started working together back in 1960 when the pair met while they were both working on a cruise. From there, they built a long-lasting career that ended up with the couple performing in Vegas and showcasing their big cats. The audience was shocked when on October 3, 2003, the news agencies started reporting that the famous duo was attacked on stage by their tiger while they were performing in Las Vegas.

Photo Credit: Nat Geo Wild India Facebook

Tiger Queen

2010 Documentary

Before there was Tiger King, there was Tiger Queen. This 60-minute Nat Geo documentary showcases Machli, India’s most famous tigress, where she is seen in exclusive never-captured scenes.

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Photo Credit: Life of Pi Movie Facebook

Life of Pi

2012 Adventure/Drama

The Patels decide to move to Canada from Pondicherry in India, where they have a small zoo. They board the ship along with their son Pi and some animals that they decided to take with them. A storm sinks the boat, and Pi is the only survivor of the Patel family. The movie recreates Pi’s fantastic adventure in the open sea along with Richard Parker, a tiger that also survived the wreck.

Photo Credit: Bēhance

India: Kingdom of the Tiger

2002 Documentary

British hunter-naturalist Jim Corbett saves an Indian village from the terror of a man-eating tiger.

Photo Credit: Two Brothers – 2004 Movie Facebook

Two Brothers

2004 Family/Adventure

Now, this is a beautiful movie that shares the story of two tiger cubs who were separated and taken into captivity. Years later, they are reunited but forced to fight each other and be enemies.

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Photo Credit: The Tiger Next Door (a documentary film) Facebook

The Tiger Next Door

2009 Documentary

This documentary tells the story of Dennis Hill, who used to breed and sell tigers from his backyard in Indiana. It has a little bit of everything: drama, hoarding, and beautiful tigers been exploited by their caretakers.

Photo Credit: BBC

Man-eating Tigers of the Sundarbans

2009 Documentary

In the Sundarbans forest, up to 50 forest workers die every year because they’re eaten by tigers. This documentary portrays the struggle of living in a village where these killer cats sneak in during nighttime.

Photo Credit: Amazon

The Tiger: An Old Hunter’s Tale

2015 Action/Adventure

While the Kingdom of Korea is struggling because of the Japanese, an old and experienced hunter needs to capture the last tiger.

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