10 Brilliant Ways to Celebrate a Birthday in Quarantine

Feeling a bit isolated from birthday celebrations during the COVID-19 quarantine? While nothing quite matches the joy of singing an off-key ‘Happy Birthday’ tune to your loved one, we think there’s still merriment to be had. With a little creativity and imagination, this could actually be a great time for a birthday celebration: you can have it just how you like it, with no interruptions or other people’s plans getting in the way. These are a few brilliant birthday ideas to try during the quarantine.

Zoom Party

There’s nothing like video conferencing to maintain face-to-face connections with family, friends, and loved ones. All you need for a Zoom party is an invite list and the Zoom app! Is Aunt Karen feeling blue from social isolation? Well, cheer her up with this birthday idea by inviting family to Zoom together on her special day. You can even group-sing a warbly rendition of the happy birthday song.

Meander A Museum

Right now is the perfect time to enjoy a free virtual tour through some of the world’s most impressive museums. For some, it’s the perfect birthday escape. Gasp at The Louvre, wander the hallways of Smithsonian National Museum, and be amazed by the Vatican’s virtual tour. If space is more your birthday buddy’s thing, then check out the Space Center Houston app.

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Netflix Party

What better way to kick the ‘Rona’ to the curb than by hanging out with friends to watch a movie? Hanging out virtually. That’s exactly what Netflix Party is for! With this easy-to-use Netflix extension you sync up with your posse via a link and everyone watches the birthday movie of your choice. All at the same time. It even has a handy-dandy chatroom feature for group conversations. Party on, Wayne!

Drive-By Party

Best friends are, well, the best! But for this one, you have to keep a secret… It’s a birthday surprise after all. Have your mutual friends decorate their cars and all gather near your BFF’s house at a specific time. Then when everyone is ready, slowly drive by your best friend’s house honking horns, waving out the window, playing birthday music, and tossing confetti.

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Facebook Live

Nobody likes partying solo, so why not celebrate your party with your Facebook friends? Going Live on Facebook is fun and lets your friends pop in and wish you a happy birthday. Hey, why not include your dog or cat, and even some family members in your Live festivities? It’s a great way to show the world that you can party even in isolation.

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Backyard Picnic

If you want to make a birthday to remember for someone special, then go all out on a backyard picnic. Who knows your boo better than you? Plan a luxurious picnic with locally made goodies you had delivered to your house. Pop the champagne you’ve been keeping for ‘that special occasion,’ and make sure to use the crystal flutes!

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