What Can You Serve as a Starter This Christmas

How do I love to begin my Christmas? That is a question that has clouded the minds of a lot of people. You can begin your Christmas dinner with a fantastic and festive starter. It’s not uncommon, as Christmas begins, for you to want to prepare a plethora of dishes for your family but lack the time to get everything ready.

Wanting to surprise all your family and guests with your Christmas meals can be complicated, but thanks to this article, you will be able to get inspired by the Christmas starters we show you and surprise them this Christmas.

What can you serve as a starter this Christmas

With a few days remaining until Christmas, there is no better time for you to start planning your Christmas starter. Are you confused about what you should begin to plan for? Here are seven delicacies you can use as a Christmas starter.

Duck rillettes

The first option for a Christmas starter on this list is the duck rillettes. This amazing culinary starter is an incredible option if you want to leave speechless to your guest, and now thanks to Internet you can buy duck rillette already done it. You will only need to leave it out of the fridge before consuming it and spread it on bread. Ready to enjoy this perfect taste for a Christmas starter.

A toast with duck spreadable with truffle

You can enjoy the best Christmas starter with this fantastic appetizer. This recipe is prepared with a creamy, smooth, and intense flavor of duck liver pâté, with a unique touch of truffle. You can spread it on bread or even mix it with other foods.

Smoked salmon with prawns

Looking to have a wonderful starter this Christmas? Smoked salmon with prawns is a good option. You can mix it with punchy horseradish cream, dressed in a zingy lime, ginger, and honey. A few leafy salads can go along to create an elegant, light, and refreshing starter.

Truffles mushroom pate

This colorful veggie alternative is made with rich truffle oil with chestnut mushrooms and Porcine. It is also dressed in a sprinkle of thyme and peppercorns. It is best to prepare this recipe a day ahead for a chilling feel in the mouth.

Smoked salmon coddled eggs

You can try a more fun classic smoked salmon starter with coddled eggs, Gruyère cheese, and capers. What is interesting about this starter is that its preparation is quick and simple, ready in thirty minutes. It can be prepared in a big sharing dish or individual ramekins.

Oysters with apple and horseradish dressing

This recipe is entertainment at its best, and it only takes five minutes to prepare. It is usually served on rock salt or a bed of ice. Importantly, you need to open the oysters before serving it. 

To balance the acidity, spice and sweetness, you can serve the oysters with a mix of apple, punchy horseradish, honey, and peppercorn.

Festive filled brioche centerpiece with baked camembert

This celebratory brioche with a combination of meaty Camembert at the center is a show stopping sharing starter. To give it an extra touch, each bread is spiced with a choice of celebratory flavors such as cranberry sauce, quince paste, roasted garlic, and chestnuts. 

Before you garnish with fresh cranberries and herbs, prepare the dough a day before and bake until you have a crusty and golden bread.

Spiced honey-glazed halloumi & fig salad

This delicacy is dressed with grilled honey-glazed halloumi and fig salad. When combined with toasted almonds, salted prosciutto, and peppery rocket, you will have a continuous taste of multi-layered textures and flavors. They can also be taken by breaking into smaller canapés mocktail and cocktail sticks.

Tips on what to do for Christmas starters

The urge to quickly get something done for your guests can get more complicated than you expected. To help solve this problem, here are four things to do for Christmas starters.

  • Do not try to make separate dishes for everybody: You can cater for everyone in just one go. For instance, you can make a meat free starter for vegetarians instead of preparing a separate meal for them.
  • Do not go for hard bites: Light bites are preferable. The main course could be spoiled if you overindulge in the first bite.
  • Drinks are very important during Christmas: You can employ the service of a chef to serve up mocktail and cocktails.
  • Try not to use any plates or cutlers that need to be washed before the main course is served: Using something that can be quickly cleaned with a napkin will help you to avoid a situation where you must wash the plates.


Your Christmas meals can be a lot of fun with the above listed starters. Do not worry for the time you have to dedicate them, you can prepare them along with your family, and start enjoying these festivities with your family and those delicious starters.