Paradise Valley

What you need to know

Paradise Valley is the epitome of luxury. This urban village is packed with stunning homes, scenery, and elegant resorts. It is also home to Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps, and former U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor. The demographics of Paradise Valley are 95% Caucasian. Roughly a third of homes have children under 18, and just under 80% of households are married couples. Paradise Valley is surrounded by mountains, spas, and golf courses and remains the most expensive zip code to live in within the state of Arizona. There are no large commercial centers within Paradise Valley, which is strategic, to protect the exclusivity of the city. There are also light pollution laws to keep the city dark and private at night.

Population: 14,637
Zip: 85253

Communities: Paradise Valley Community Center
Major Valley Metro Stops: No light rail stops, bus stops Shea and Tatum, 40th and Shea, 44th and Tatum, Scottsdale and Rural Road