Learn How to Do the Perfect Messy Bun With These TikTok Videos

With week nine of lockdown in the rearview for some of us, we’re all leaning into quarantine fashion. Whether it’s Fancy Friday, a full-on Grizzly Addams beard, or simply wearing yoga pants to a virtual board meeting, we’re all taking some sartorial risks thanks to COVID-19. So why not give the queen of social isolation hairdos a whirl? Here comes a roundup of the top 10 best messy bun tutorials on TikTok. We know what you’re thinking… aren’t messy buns supposed to be, um, messy? Why do a tutorial on that? Read on, friends!


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♬ original sound – Mel

@justmelsdotcom can teach you how to throw together a sophisticated look with only a hair tie and a few bobby pins.


Messy bun tutorial! I have to do it while my hair is wet. (I promise it looks better once it’s dry)

♬ A LOT TO LOSE – 24KGoldn

@thebrookeb shows you how to do a messy bun with wet hair that will look fly once it’s dry too!

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Searching for a simple, youthful look? This messy bun is so easy even a kid could do it! She’s even got suggestions for making your messy bun look super sporty. Don’t forget the essential ingredient, greasy day old hair!


here is my messy bun tutorial😅 #foryou insta-avaannii

♬ original sound – φπlυmδriσ

@avani helps you beat the Monday blues with a fun messy bun that will put a smile on your face.

Don’t have a mass of thick luxurious hair? Don’t worry. You can still get the look. Here’s a messy bun tutorial for folks with fine hair. This look will make your tresses look fuller and last all day.

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Here’s a bun tutorial!! #hairtutorial #howto #hair part 2 shows the bun!

♬ original sound – jeevanmoktan771

@avelina_p has fun showing you what not to do if your messy bun isn’t quite perfecto.


messy bun tutorial🤟🏻 #messybun #tutorial #fashionin #mastaney #tiktokindia #foryoupage #swingit

♬ original sound – Cool n Chilling – Cool n Chilling

@varshu_Dhilod serves up some effortless cool that goes great with red lips and gold hoop earrings. Why not use this hot look on your next virtual date?

@karlawithak shows you how to do a Tiktok Inspired bun with an extra step that will make you look like a #instabaddie.


Messy bun tutorial got a little intense there at the end 😬😂👍🏼 #FYP #MessyBunTutorial #SnickersFixTheWorld #name3in5seconds

♬ original sound – Christine

Short on time? @christine_snaps has a messy bun is super fast to do on the go! She’s even got a song to help you remember the steps. Don’t forget kids, “A messy bun no longer represents someone who is lazy and can’t be bothered to do their hair. It represents someone who has so much going on in their life that the topknot is not the top priority at the moment.” Amen, sister!

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Featured Image Credit: Noémi Macavei-Katócz on Unsplash

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