Fun Things To Do In Miami At Night That Don’t Involve Partying

Miami is well-known for its nightlife, but what if you’re not into clubbing? What if you enjoy drinking, but not the party atmosphere? Regardless of why you want to skip the pounding music and dance opportunities with strangers, there are plenty of alternatives that suit your style. 

Take a look at these alternative entertainment options you can find on any Miami night.

Drink at a Rooftop Lounge 

Out of all the things to do in Miami, drinking on top of a swanky bar, like Sugar in Brickell City Center, is the best way to witness Florida’s nightlife without going to a club. If you want an incredible view of Miami, Area 31 and Pawn Broker offer the best bang for their buck.

Experience a Trendy Dive-Bar

Dive-bars are often synonymous with less than savory people, but in Florida, well, that can still be true if you pick the wrong ones. However, The Corner in Downtown, Gramps in Wynwood and Sandbar in Coconut Grove are safe, trendy, and offer a great chance to meet the locals.

Go to Soundscape Park

Southscape Park truly comes alive at night. Each evening, the New World Center at Southscape Park will host a free movie on it’s 7,000 sq-ft projection wall. If you want to stay outside, listen to music, or watch a movie in the hot Florida air, this is the best place to do it. 

Find a Guided Tour by Night

Strolling around South Beach is an experience unto itself, but with a guide present you won’t feel so intimidated exploring an unknown city at night. In under 50 minutes, you’ll get to see the beautiful Art Deco building light up in neon colors along with many other incredible sights.

Hit the Bayside Marketplace

On Biscayne Boulevard, the Bayside Marketplace offers a total celebration of food and arts. There are several independent stores, open-air music shows and dining options available. At the marina, you can go boat-spotting. If you have children, check out the Pirate Cruise.

Enjoy a Round of Laser Tag

Laser tag is fun for children and adults alike, and thankfully, Miami is filled to the brim with awesome spots, like Laserland & Adventure. You can enjoy arcade games, funfair games, and of course, laser tag, under one roof. Plus, there’s plenty to eat and drink at the snack bar.

Sing at a Karaoke Bar

While we understand that karaoke can be intimidating, we say let loose! Everyone else around you will be drunk, so belt out your favorite tunes uninhibited at Titanic’s Restaurant & Brewery. For $3 a shot and an open mic every Sunday, you’re sure to have a grand time until 1a.m.

See the City Skyline

Romantic’s who enjoy going above and beyond for their dates will love the Miami City Lights Air Tour that takes place above the city skyline. You’ll see main landmarks and districts from a bird’s-eye-view. For $160 per person, you can also add on a dining and drinking experience.

Do the Wynwood Art Walk

The Wynwood Art Walk offers free evening tours every second Saturday of the month, so it’s worth it to stay up late. These free nights will also include street performances, and tasty food trucks. You’ll also see typical Wynwood Art Walk amenities, like bar hopping and eateries. 

Play a Round of Poker

Gamblers rejoice, because Tea & Poets in the Miami suburbs offers some of the most fun you could have playing poker. From card readings to open mic nights, Tea & Poet has many unique nightly offerings and events, but they don’t just serve tea; you can drink a bit (a lot) of beer.

Photo by Elvis Vasquez from Pexels

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