9 Mothers’ Day Gift Ideas for Moms Who Don’t Like Cut Flowers

The weather is warming up throughout the Northern Hemisphere, which means the flowers are blooming and giving way for the summer. For some Mothers, the spring can be a disastrous time for allergies, especially when it comes to florals, or they may prefer a gift that lasts. Whatever their reason for disliking cut flowers, these gifts can make for a great substitute. 

1. Potted Plants/Flowers

We promised we didn’t trick you. Sometimes Moms don’t like the concept of cut flowers because they die, which can make them feel like it’s a waste of money. However, potted plants can last for many years with proper care and often don’t have to be planted outdoors. For a wide selection of plants, like potted orchids or succulents, visit here for Bouqs flowers. 

2. Purses/Bags/Totes

Purses, bags, and totes are incredibly useful daily, but they can wear out quickly from daily use. The Do-It-All Tote from Everlane can be brought everywhere and lives up to its name by having enough room for everything you need. The strap can be put over the shoulder or across the body. If your Mom prefers to use a backpack, try the ReNew Transit backpack.

3. Glow Light (Dimming)

You’re never too old to use a nightlight, especially if you have trouble sleeping. The Glow Light from Casper is truly magical because this light won’t keep you up at night and cues your body for bed and realization. It softly lulls you to sleep and gradually dims so you can doze off. A traditional night light can be an excellent present for anyone with night blindness, as well.

4. Bath Soak (All Natural)

Taking a bath after a long day can be gratifying, but if you add a bit of bath soak or bath salts, it can make the experience that much more incredible. Bath soaks, like this Coconut Milk one from Herbivore, are full of ingredients that hydrate and soften the skin. All-natural bath products are also great for the hair and skin because they won’t clog up your pores with parabens. 

5. Gold Jewelry 

Your Mom will likely appreciate a gift of gold jewelry, especially if it’s personalized or has a connection to family or her values. The Aurate New York Connection Necklace is the perfect example of a family because its two connecting circles represent a bond that lasts forever. All of Aurate’s jewelry is made with care, and its gold necklaces, rings, and bracelets ship quickly.

6. Cotton Robe

Forget about the silk robe; the cotton robe is here to stay. Made out of 100% long-staple Turkish cotton, the Cloud Cotton Robe from Parachute is so soft you’ll actually feel like you’re wearing a cloud. Soft, luxurious, and light, this super comfy robe has a snug waistline and two hidden pockets. Robes are the perfect gift to compliment a breakfast-in-bed or brunch outing.

7. Makeup (Lipstick)

Lipstick has gone out of style because we have to wear masks daily, but with the pandemic hopefully reaching its end, it’s time to bust out the gloss. Why not create an impact with this Mornin’ Sunshine Yellow Lipstick from Lipstick Queen when you can finally show off those pearly whites? All of their lipsticks apply beautifully and last all day, even when eating.

8. Sunglasses

Spring will quickly turn to summer, and your Mom will need a way to protect her eyes from the UV rays. Pick up a pair of Bandwagon 51mm Sunglasses from Le Specs in Matte Stone. They look great on all skin types, and the darkened lenses provide a great shield from the sun. Nordstrom stocks a large section of sunglasses, so take a look through other styles.

9. Wine Subscription

If your Mom likes to pop open a bottle of wine on occasion or after a long day, she’ll enjoy a wine subscription from Winc. Customers only have to take a 1-minute quiz before it spits out a wide variety of different wines. Ask your Mom to take the quiz before you send out a 3, 6, 9, or 12 months subscription so she’ll be able to drink brands and wine types she enjoys.

Featured Image Credit: Pexels